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    Default Beach Chairs at CSA: No Problem Mon!


    A couple of months ago there were a number of posts on this BBS about a lack of beach chairs at CSA. I promised to post when I got here and report what I found. I've now been here at CSA for 3 days and not had any problems getting a chair. I never go to the beach before 10:30 in the morning. Furthermore, there has been absolutely no problem finding a shady place to put my chair. True, some days I've had to drag the chair into the shade, but there are so many palms that it's no problem. If you are getting up at 4:00 to reserve a chair, you're either looking for a very specific chair, or you're nuts. Yes, the areas that are covered by the beach thatched room covers are all taken, but there is still lots of shade... I'm not sure what the bid deal is.

    One thing, though. The first day I was down here I found that a lot of chairs had the mats put over the back of the chair and looked sort of like they were reserved. So I asked a staff member if they were reserved and was told absolutely not... the beach staff does this to all the chairs every night. It is possible that this is what caused people to raise the issue a couple of months ago, or it's possible that they've bought some new chairs.... they don't look brand new though.

    My wife and I haven't been here in 6 years because we've been putting kids through college and the last time we were here it was during the expansion phase and there definitely were growing pains. I'm glad to report that all of that is way back in the rear view mirror, the expansion hasn't hurt this place at all, it's better than ever.

    That's it... back to the beach now!

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    in your estimation what time would you have to get up to get a palapa?

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    Yay!! Thanks for the update. Will be there in 22 days and, while my mind had been put at ease with the info about their adding chairs, there was still a little bit of nagging worry My husband and I almost never get to the beach before 10, so this makes me feel much better.

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    ya mon just got home last night from csa, i found there enough chairs for every one but no extra's, there were some new chairs down on the new section, but adding a few more wouldn't hurt

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    Thanks Inthesun.

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    Woohoo!! You made my day!

    That is great news.. Glad you had a wonderful time, we will be there in 15 days..... awwwww...

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    Lcn2Chl, seems like I'm always following your posts somehow. 15 days until CSA for us too. Can't wait. Next Thursday we get to do the Single Digit Shuffle!!!

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    Thanks for the update Inthsun. Have fun!

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    Thanks for the info! Do the beach vendors bother you much if you aren't down by the water?

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    We were there last week and there were plenty of chairs despite the fact that one day a group of 6 people had 19 chairs between there (some in the shade, some in the sun and extras for their beach stuff!We went to lunch one day and found our chairs had been stolen by a German couple but, I wanted to go to the pool anyway so kept quiet!

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    I have no idea what hour you have to get there to get a Palapa... I do know I will never get up that early. Personally, I don't see what the big deal is about Palapa's anyway... there's plenty of shade under the trees.

    Here's a neat story. I booked the couples dinner on the beach. The night my wife and I went they had accidentally screwed up someone else's reservation, shifting it to the next night. This was a huge problem for them because they had scheduled a family dinner for 7 that night at Feathers. My wife and I overheard this and so, of course, we volunteered to switch nights with them.

    Here's the weird part... the next morning I get a call from Couples apologizing for mixing up the night of our dinner. I told them that it was no problem, we were happy to do it under the circumstances. They said, in any case, they would like to treat us to dinner and they'd taken the charge for that night's beach dinner off our bill. I told them that wasn't really necessary... after all, we had volunteered. But they wouldn't hear of it. Later that afternoon while we are getting ready for dinner there's a knock at the door. In comes a guy with a formal note of apology and a wooden box. Inside the wooden box are three wooden barrels. Inside each of the wooden barrels is 4 oz of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee (my favorite). You gotta love these folks.

    And I guess it just goes to show that what goes around comes around!

    Well, this is our last day here... I hope everyone else has as much fun.

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    "they had scheduled a family dinner for 7 that night at Feathers"

    Yikes !!
    Sounds like a good night to be eating alone on the beach

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