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    Default Question on evening weather

    Ok so we are T- minus 4 days from CSA! WOOHOO, I am starting to pack and curious as to the nighttime lows, is it breezy, cool - do I need a jacket?

    Please help!


    Anxious Millers in FL

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    It depends on what you call "cool".

    Having gone through the coldest winter in South Florida that I can ever remember, I don't think any of us would find a night in Jamaica cold enough to require a jacket. But if you can fit a light sweater into your bag, then by all means take it. The temperature in Jamaica is fairly constant throughout the year. You might hit the low 70s at night, but normally, it will be closer to 77, 78 degrees.
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    Thank you - this was a crazy Florida winter !

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    I usually wear a light cotton sweater on the plane as I get chilly and blankets are either no longer available or you have to pay for them. This way I have something if I get chilly in the evening, particularly in the air conditioned restaurants after a day in the sun. I also have a couple of shawls/wraps that I take.

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    Just carry a light sweater or cotton jacket to wear on the plane, where it CAN be cold sometimes..then you will have it with you either way

    Problem solved

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    I second what fawnridge says... but you may want to pack a light wrap for the lady for when you dine in Feathers, or go to the Aura Lounge. These indoor areas are well air-conditioned, and some think they can get a bit cool... never been a problem for us, though.

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    We have traditionally gone the first part of April (19 days to go) and the evening tradewinds blowing in generally have been about 72 degrees.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aprilmarie239 View Post
    Ok so we are T- minus 4 days from CSA! WOOHOO, I am starting to pack and curious as to the nighttime lows, is it breezy, cool - do I need a jacket?

    Please help!


    Anxious Millers in FL
    It's all relative... When we were used to Michigan winters, we thought the evenings were perfect. Now that we're used to Texas winters, we find them to be a touch cool. (And the daytime highs of 85 really aren't that warm to us, either...)
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    Congrats on your trip to CSA! You will LOVE it. I recommend a wrap or a light sweater for the air conditioned restaurants. I am usually chilly, especially after being in the sun all day. I bought a black sarong wrap a few years ago and I strictly only wear it as a wrap in the evenings on vacation.
    Hope this helps! Have a great trip!

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    HEY! We will be at CSA the 28th! I just started pulling out the summer clothes today as well, now they are just in a big pile waiting for the wash. Anyway, been to Jamaica a million times and honestly usually it's still warm/humid at night but then again it's been a crazy winter and they have been getting cold fronts.

    I would throw a sweater in for the heck of it..I usually wear pants/jeans at night anyway if I will be on the beach just for the sake of those darn sand fleas...

    Have fun, not sure how long your staying, maybe will see you there!

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    I would also recommand a shawl or wrap. I didn't bring one last time and had to leave early from Aura because I was cold (I didn't bring anything with a sleeve besides a t-shirt). We're returning 'home' in 44 days and I plan on packing a couple of light weight wraps for the evening to go with my strapless dresses! Enjoy!!

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