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    We will be returning to CSA on July 2-9.....Does any one know if those 7 points will count for this stay ???

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    No, they will be awarded after you come home. They will count the next time you visit.

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    Points are credited to your account after your departure. If you have no points in your account right now, you will have none when you arrive in July. After you leave, the points will be added; on your next stay, you'll arrive with seven points in your account.

    Since you say that you're "returning" to CSA, it sounds like you likely already have points in your RR account. Those are the points upon which your reward level will be based.
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    This Fall will be our first visit "home" to Couples and we can't WAIT!! We want to split the two weeks between CN and CSA, so my question is: when we get to the second resort for our second week will be have seven points and be regarded as repeaters?

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    Hello Randijean46,

    Please contact me through the Contact us link on the Romance Rewards page, and I would be happy to assist you with your inquiry.
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