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    Default CTI or CSS AN Beach

    Been to CN three times and love it. Want to try something different. Which AN beach do you guys recommend CTI or CSS.

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    CSS. We didn't care for the island. We missed being able to walk out into the ocean and float around. The waters around the island are just too rough and there is tons of coral which makes it unsafe.

    We really preferred CSS over CTI. Plus...CSS brings lunch over and has a chef at the grill available to grill you up anything your heart desires. The entertainment staff also come over and play games a couple times a day. AND the pool is big enough that you can grab a float and float in it. CSS is hands down better than CTI or CN (and we love CN).
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    CSS ssb has possibly the best AN set up in JA. The beach is servicable ( it is not CN) The pool, grill and lavatory facilities make it possible to spend the whole day without issue.
    Pros if the water is chopppy you can still gt nekkid at CSS
    You can be nekkid after 5 pm if the peepers from the textile side look so be it lol...

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    We really like both, but for different reasons.

    Pros: Big and roomy. The grill and pool are great.
    Cons: Too exposed to passersby. There aren't a lot, and they don't seem to pay any attention to you, but still... The beach is okay, but the river makes the ocean too cold (by my standards) to swim in anyway.

    Pros: Very secluded. You feel like you're on an island Very cozy and intimate. Ocean is warm, if you don't mind it taking a little work to get to it.
    Cons: No food. Obviously you can't just make a quick trip back to your room.

    Overall, we prefer the island. We had a great time at SSB, and met some wonderful people in our five hours there. In fact, we might to a Trading Places day again too SSB again this year. But there's just something about the island and the APRIL AMIGOS! 24 days, y'all!!!

    Bruce and Kelli
    Kalamazoo, Michigan
    CN 2006, 2008; CTI 2009, 2010, 2011
    CSA 2014; JRB 2015; CSS 2017

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    We have to agree with Coloradojuli. We also liked CSS better. First, you don't have to take a boat over to it, a short very nice jaunt is all it takes. There is more sand to put your feet into if you like sand. And like juli said, they bring lunch over, so you don't have to dress to go and get it. The pool is bigger, as well as the whole area. The staff there is also pretty great.

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    We prefer CTI and the island. It is more private. When we were at CSS and walked out into the ocean, we looked over and there were a bunch of kids on the public beach next door. We also get better service on the island that what we got while we were at SSB, but that could have just been the day. The pool is small and so floating without knocking everyone over is not an option, but that's okay with us. We found the island to be more social, not weird social, just social. Again could have been the day we were at SSB, but there were only 2 other couples there when we were there with another couple and the couples there weren't social, kept to themselves. Not a problem, to each their own. We see people do this on the island--get off the boat and hang a right, but the pool area is very social.

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    Never been to TI but was at CN with coloradojulie in '08 and completely agree with her on this - CSS SSB is the best! Yamon!
    ... it keepsh me shane

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    CTI has a private island with a pool and bar. No beach, but we think is better over CSS. Great talk and great bar tenders.

    CSS has a beach, pool, hot tub, bar, and serves lunch. It is not as private as CTI and people interaction was very low when we were there. It was like going to the mall and not talking to anyone, everyone kept to themselves. Service at the bar was not that great, always at to ask, not be asked like CTI.
    Irie Mon

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    Kingfish, it really depends what you are looking for. If you want a beach, a grill, and little more privacy, then you might want to try CSS. If you want a unique experience and better social avenue, then try CTI.

    We have been going to both CTI and CN. We prefer the overall atmosphere of these 2 resorts and their compact central social areas. They are perfect alternatives for us. We love the beach and the calm ocean at CN. CN AN isn't as social, but we have always met friends there from previous visits plus many new "pre-friends" we run into from the Meet Up At Couples message board. We also love the uniqueness of TI and the socialization there is second to none. We have had some of our most fun times at Couples out on the island. And since TI has decking surrounding the pool, we personally also welcome the break from the sand, which seems to get everywhere when at CN. It is so much easier applying lotion without the unintentional sand-grit exfoliation! The single restroom could be improved, but it was usually clean and never disgusting. And, even though we preferred to take a break and go back to the mainland for lunch (the veggie bar was great for lunch!), They also brought plates full of burgers, chicken sandwiches, fries, onion rings, and other cold sandwiches out to the island every day when we were there a week ago.

    I have been to CSS twice through Trading Places. First, I loved the setup...beach, pool, bar, grill. The beach was pretty large, allowing ample room for those looking for privacy. However, the beach is definitely nothing like at CN...more rocky and not as soft sand. Plus, there is not enough tables on the beach, causing issues with where to put things that you don't want full of sand, especially drinks. The socialization was pretty much limited to a small group of people sitting at the bar. The grill was great! Nice pool. Separate men's/women's restrooms.

    There were two major things that I didn't like about CSS. First, One thing that I have to disagree with from coloradojuli is the ocean water for floating. There is a river that flows right into the ocean at CSS. The water is cold, and the entry to the ocean from the beach is full of whatever the river carries, including rocks and even broken glass. The bottom of the ocean there is also rocky and your feet sink into it when you walk in it. TI actually has a small beach area that is safe to enter the ocean which IMHO is better than going in the ocean water at CSS.

    Second, as some people mentioned, the public beach next door was a nuisance. It is pretty much a direct view to the CSS beach. Besides people gawking from their beach or in the water, there were also several people from there with cameras. And, as long as they are on their beach or in the water, CSS security really has no power to tell them not to take pictures. Luckily, we did not witness any cameras pointed directly at us, but it still gives you the heebie-jeebies.

    Hopes this helps!

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