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    Default CSA Question regarding drinks

    Does Couple Have AB Product Like Budweiser or Bud Lite>

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    We only saw Miller and Miller Lite along with Redstripe in the bars.

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    I don't believe so...

    I recommend the RedStripe or RS Light.... both very drinkable on the beach!

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    Definitely go with the Red Stripe! However, they do have Miller Lite, though it's an import.
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    When we were there last year they only had a small amount of Miller lite each day. Red Stripe and RS lite is as good if not better anyway, remember "when in rome".

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    If you really want a Bud or Bud Light, at the end of CSA where the Grill and Patios is located, immediately to left (facing the ocean) is a little resort with a beach can get a bottle of 'cold Bud Light' for $3.00. We only did that once, just to experience it. I thoroughly enjoy Red Stripe !!!!

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    Why not knock back a nice cold "Caribe"? It's easily a bit better than cat pee.

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    He Ge, we are going in May. I guess we can look forward to our favorite beer!! Thanks for pointing us into the correct direction for good ol'American Beer. I'm from ST. Louis so what else would I drink...Bud Light

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