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    Default make up for trash the dress photo session?

    anyone have any suggestions about good make up...eyeliner.. and so forth that wont run or smudge too bad in the heat and water? thanks so much!

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    I really don't have the answer for you but I have read MAC is excellent

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    Model in a bottle!! I just got a sample on ebay for $6.99. You need 3-4 sprays for each make up application, and the sample bottle has 35 sprays!! You can go to the model in a bottle website too and see the testamonials and videos on how good it works! I just bought the sample, incase I never use it again. If I do end up wanting to use it again, I will purchase the big bottle for $20.00!! That should keep on your make up for your trash the dress session!

    Also, I ordered MAC make up for my wedding day. So with the MAC and spray on setting, I am hoping it works great! As soon as I get it in the mail, I am going to do a trial in my bathroom! I will report back and let everyone know how it works!!

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    Default :)

    thank you very much i will check into both products

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