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    My husband and I just returned from CTI 2 days ago. All I can say is WOW! We have been married for 20yrs. 3 kids and this was the first vacation that we have taken as a couple. CTI was perfect for us because you could truly pick and chose what activities you wanted to do. As it turns out, we chose to do just a few activities off the resort. I couldn't have been happier. I loved the decor too! The surrounds only encourage making a connection. The day we left, it was very difficult to close our door that over looked the ocean. We met some great people along the way too! It was a very special trip and one that will never be forgotten. Looking forward to a return trip to CTI next year!

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    My Fiancee and I will be Married there in May..we are leaving for CTI on April 30th, get married the 3rd, and will be there until the 8th.
    This has been one of the hardest decision I have ever made, deciding which resort to go to. I hope I made the right choice, it actually narrowed down to CSS or CTI, because I missed my booking for the other 2 resorts, the ocean front rooms were not available. we wanted Ocean front.
    I have read a lot about the beach being eroded, have they fixed the problem yet? I was also wondering about the cleanliness of the beach, Negril looks like sugary white, but CTI looks to be a dark sand.
    It is a petty thing I know, but I want our pics to be perfect for our little wedding day.
    We are 54- and 47 year olds, we have never been to Jamaica either.

    Soooo Looking forward to April 30th, and finding a stress free environment to enjoy my Lovie's company, leaving work behind us.

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    We have stayed at CN,CSS and CTI and have done two day passes to CSA.

    We loved our week at CTI last April..It's an outstanding resort with an awesome staff.Just might be the best staff in Jamaica.
    Do not worry about a thing.Just relax and enjoy every minute.

    CTI..Couples Tower Isle...Oh,how I miss you.
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    Sportylady & I have the same question, how is the beach in CTI? I have been reading a lot about the beach problem there. Has it been corrected? We will not be there until 09/2011 but, if the beach is bad condition, then we still have time to switch our resort and not miss out on the $500 resort credit. Please clear this up!!!

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    t_tropic, thanks for your report and Sportylady, congrats on your upcoming wedding!
    My wife and I will be at CTI 4/27 - 5/4 for our first visit there. We visited CN over New Year's for our first Jamaican visit. We were so taken with the Couples experience, we want to visit them all!
    We are 52 & 50, no kids, high school sweethearts married 27 years. With no kids, we've had the opportunity to travel a fair amount, but never experienced anything to compare with Couples. We only wish we had "discovered" Couples sooner.
    Hopefully, we can wish you well on your wedding day, Sportylady!

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    we just got back from CTI on Saturday (we'll be posting a full review later) and the beach is repairing itself everyday.
    There is still some erosion near the watersports desks that will take some time for Mother Nature to correct

    However, I am a beach person (spent every day there) and there is plenty of sand for everyone. The beach was never crowded and the resort was full last week. There is drink service and fruit kebobs delivered to you on the beach and the waves are wonderful.


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    The sand isn't as "brown" as I thought it would be. However, it is a perfect shade of tan ;-)! No worries. Ashley, I couldn't agree w/ you more. Regarding weddings, I witnessed a wedding (from a distance) taking place on the beach in the afternoon and don't think that would be the way I'd go. It was set up a few feet from the volleyball net and occupied lounge chairs. For me the beach weddings weren't secluded enough. Time of day is a definate consideration. There was plenty of vow renewing and weddings taking place!

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    Thank you all for your input!
    I am so excited I can't stand it..We are planning a morning wedding, so Liquid, maybe we WILL see you both there too
    Julio is 47 and I am 54, so I am glad to see there are people from all ages, including
    We are looking forward to this much needed trip from our hectic lifestyles. We live in Fla. so at least we do not have to waste a lot of time traveling..
    can't wait to see what everyone here has raved about so much.
    Look for us on may 3rd...We will be arriving on April 30-May 8th...

    See you there!
    Mary, & Julio

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