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    Default CN Chocolate Sunset

    How much Chocolate is there? Is it a big spread of different kinds of Chocolate? Lots and lots of Chocolate?

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    Hey beachbums

    I love chocolate too!

    They have chocolate desserts at CSA. But not a lot of chocolate otherwise. I’m not sure about CN though.

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    Being a Chocoholic, the Chocolate Sunset is very nice but they only have one type of chocolate. They have the tall chocolate fountain with different foods(fruits ,marshmellows,etc)to dip into the flowing chocolate. It is set up by the walkway from the beach bar to the swim up bar. One time when we were there it was very, very windy and they couldn't do they fountain as the chocolate was flying all over so they put the chocolate in a large bowl and you just dipped your food into it. I just wanted to take the whole bowl to my room but they wouldn't let me. Enjoy!

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    Des CN do this regularly? A particular day of the week? We arrve at CN on Monday - Can't Wait!!!!!
    Paul & Margaret
    Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

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    Yes They do it every Friday evening about 6-6:30. Chocolate,Champagne,Sunset and Music. If you look on the activities sheet under Couples Negril they have everything listed. They also do a high tea around 4pm on certain days but we have never been to that. Enjoy!!

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    Sounds very Romantic !! Does CSS offer something nice like this ?

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    not overly big, but you will enjoy it

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    Default Chocolate Fountain

    Hi BeachbumsDD,

    Here's a photo of the chocolate fountain last December. They had fresh fruit and marshmallows to dip into it. A saxaphone player was playing in the background. Very romantic!

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    Oh wow !!

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