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    Default Valentine's Day TOP TEN!!! Your Time to VOTE!

    Hello Everyone,

    Thank you so much for participating in the Couples Resorts Valentine's Day Contest; we think it really helped enhance the romantic atmosphere on the MB. There were so many great and touching stories, that choosing 10 was quite difficult. We did it though, and these are your top ten:



    A day I will never forget....
    Valentine's Day 2009 is a day I will NEVER started as just another busy Saturday. As I lay in the bed before I started my many chores I had a million things on my mind: how cold it was going to be at my son's baseball game today...his high school graduation in we were going to afford college for 2 kids father passed away and was just missing him...and wrapping my husband's Valentine's gift. He had to go to work for a few hours that morning so he leaned over to kiss me goodbye as he was leaving and told me "Happy Valentine's Day" and was sorry but he didnt think he would make the game. When I finally got out of bed I assumed I would find a card and a box of chocolates for me on the kitchen table. Well boy was I wrong! Nothing was there, and with hurt feelings I headed out to the baseball game. It was so cold but they won so that eased the frigid temp a bit. My son went to eat with his teammates so I headed home. When I got there I noticed that my hubby was already home and thought that was strange but really thought no more about it. As I opened the door I noticed that I wasn't greeted by my puppy that is always there and also I noticed something on the was a trail of Hershey's Kisses! I followed the trail as it led to our bedrooom. The closer I got I could hear "One Love" playing on the CD player. As I walked into the room, my puppy was sitting on the bed beside a heart-shaped box of candy. He had a red ribbon around his neck with a small card attached that said "open the candy". I opened the box and there was a card that said "I have Kissed the ground you walk on for 25 we are going back to Couples Negril so the sun can kiss your face! As I was reading the card with tears rolling down my face my husband walks out of the closet with his swimsuit on, shades on and a Red Stripe in one hand and airline tickets in the other. Our bedroom is of the Jamaican/tropical decor so the setting was perfect. He had booked the Fall in Love Again package and needless to say not only was this the best Valentine's Day ever but the trip to CN in November for our 25th Anniversary was amazing...AGAIN!



    Valentine’s 2010…lifetime in the making.
    Life is funny…you simply never know what can be around the next corner and for the events that led to this magical day; words simply don’t do it justice. Stacie and I grew up in the same town, went to the same high school, even shared many of the same friends, but never through the span of us growing up and graduating did we ever meet. We both went different ways in our life. Me to college down south and she remained in our home town to attend school. Things never really seemed to go our way, especially in matters of relationships. We both came from broken homes that allowed us many freedoms growing up, but very little to protect us from our own inability to meet someone who would give us the respect we always hoped we’d receive. While on break one year, our paths finally crossed. The spark was there, the stories reflected each other and the fire of each other’s hearts brought us strangely together. The problem: we were both soon to be married to individuals that can best be described as mentally cruel. “Why me” typically being the one thread of stability we had, we met over the next few years, comparing horror stories of each other’s poisonous lives, neither of us willing to make the necessary step to leave the lives we were doomed to endure. That was until 1999, when the stars aligned and our significant others had both, seemingly in the same time span…taken things too far. We knew as we met one more time, something was different. Both still being pursued by negativity, we sat down and made a choice…it ends here…tonight. That night was Valentine’s Day 1999. No big present, not even a card to each other…simply a promise staring in each other’s eyes that we would carry this as far as we could and escape the nightmares we’d been living for so long. Stacie’s burden was much heavier as the relationship she left involved a child, not her own, but one that made it equally difficult. See, Stacie had been under the premise that she would probably never have children, so by leaving and making this choice, we also made another. Neither of us would ever be able to pass our newly defined love to one of our own. Difficult but necessary.
    The next year was simply a blur. How can you equate a year with an angel to where, even when bad things happened, life could not get any better? Sure we had a few bumps, mainly due to our past trying to get in the way, that is until the anniversary of that benchmark night in 1999. My decision being made long ago on that very first visit home, I decided tonight would be the night to start the rest of my life. As Stacie came into our 1-room apartment, waiting for her was several balloons and a box. The box was a collection of memorabilia collected over the past year with a safety pin attached to the top of the box with a note that said: Life is full of many questions, including one that should always be popped. It was that moment, when she looked at me and me at her and we knew our lives were forever changed. Quickly she popped the balloon and out came the ring. I didn’t have to ask and she didn’t need to respond. I’m not sure if we ever let go that night or since then. It wasn’t too long after that when we found out Stacie could indeed, have children and the math showed…you guessed it… we conceived Valentine’s Night. Well, love can also be funny. With little choice, we had a quick wedding, no presents, no honeymoon and even though she never said it, I knew Stacie had missed out on the big wedding event she had always envisioned. In 13 days, I finally get to give my beautiful wife the long lost honeymoon she deserves, on the beaches of Jamaica at Couples Sans Souci. On this day we’ll celebrate our lives, our love, our two kids and our determination to make life’s most difficult choices. I don’t win contests, never won a lottery and for the life of me, have never found a four leaf clover. But I did find Stacie and Stacie found me. I may never get back to this destination again, but on Valentine’s Day of 2010 I’ll be able to see my beautiful bride experience what she should have 10 years ago. I really believe if you try hard enough, love can be traced back to a singular moment in time. It’s that moment in time we will be celebrating for years to come. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone and I apologize for the length, but I really enjoyed sharing a few, until now, private moments of our life with all of you.



    For months, I was hounded by several women at the law firm I worked for to meet a lawyer they had been telling me about for months. I had declined their invitations several times because I was uninterested in meeting anyone they could introduce me to.
    Finally, after constant harassment, I gave in and emailed "the guy." I gave him my phone number and told him if he ever felt like hanging out, I would always be up for grabbing a drink after work. He emailed me with a brief and seemingly uninterested response. He must have had second thoughts about the email he sent me because that evening he called me out of the blue. I was already slightly put off by the email, but I figured talking to him for a few minutes wouldn't hurt. The brief conversation I anticipated turned into 2 hours! We laughed non-stop and didn't run out of anything to say the entire time we were on the phone. I realized I liked him...A LOT!
    He asked me to dinner that night so we could talk in person and I agreed to meet him...a BLIND DATE!? On Valentines Day?! How corny! haha.
    We met at the resturant and even though I told him I was going to be in sweats because it wasn't a date, I decided to get dressed up just to surprise him (since it was totally blind!)
    The look on his face was priceless! I saw his jaw drop before he regained his composure.
    We had such a great time at dinner! He was a perfect gentleman, and talking to him was effortless. At one point he drew a picture of me on a little piece of paper (which I kept and still have today!) We must have talked for hours before I realized I needed to head home.
    He walked me to my car (no goodnight kiss!) and told me he would love to see me again, and I felt the same way.
    We went on a few more dates and continued spending time together and within a month realized we were in a full blown relationship.
    We have been together now for two years and I still look forward to spending everyday with him. He has not stopped making me laugh, being a gentleman or taking the time out to do sweet things that will make me smile. I love the memories we have made together and I truly treasure everyday that I get to spend with him. As our relationship progresses, we have begun talking about marriage which thrills me to no end. I love this man more than I ever thought I could love another person. Being with him makes everything else seem unimportant and I look forward to the life we will build together.
    Even though I'm not into the cheesiness of Valentine's Day, it holds a special place in my heart because I truly met the love of my life on that day.



    The One
    I found a window booth on the ferry as the boat sounded its horn again, signaling its departure. It was one of the strangest days of my life, and on Valentines Day, no less.

    Where are you going at this hour of the evening,” my mother asked while I attempted to creep out of the house quietly to make the ferry.
    “I’m—uhh, going to hang out with some college buddies, mom. I’ll be home late.”
    “Oh…You sure you’re not going on a date with some lucky lady? It is Valentine’s Day, ya know.” She knew the look on my face. I tried to look towards the floor so she wouldn’t have any more clues as to where I was going.
    “I know it is. And, no, just out with the guys. I’ll see you tomorrow. I’m sure you’ll be asleep when I come in.” I didn’t have the time to sit down and explain my spontaneous adventure to Connecticut.
    “Okay, just be careful.”
    “I will.”
    And, before I closed the door, I heard her yell out, “Text me if she’s the one,” and then a muffled chuckle.

    The ferry was quiet and the seas were rough that night. The captain blew into the cabin intercom to test if it was on, then said, “Ladies and gentleman, thank you for choosing to ride with us on the Port Jefferson ferry to Bridgeport Connecticut. We ask that you stay in your seats. There is a small craft advisory on the Long Island Sound today. Thank you.”
    The farther out to sea we got, the rougher the ride became. When I looked out the window, the view slid from all sea to all sky, back and forth. Papers and collectables slid off tables. The food service worker held on tightly to the railing next to his hot dogs and pretzels. I gripped the table in front of me. I finally understood why the tables were bolted to the ground. I looked out at the sea again, black with little exploding white caps. The sea always frightened me, the vastness of it that seemed to suck the sky into it. It scared me so much that I couldn’t stand outside on the deck. I always had the fear I would fall into the sea and be swallowed down into its guts.
    “I hope this is worth it.” I whispered to myself, still gripping the table so I didn’t roll out of my seat. “I’m going to kill Jay.” Jay was the reason I was on that boat in the first place.

    “You’re ideal girl doesn’t exist, Tommy. You’re too much of an idealist.” Jay mocked.
    “Yes, she does. I know it. I can feel it.” I retorted.
    “I think that’s acid reflux, ha! All kidding aside, if you think she does exist, let’s make a bet.”
    “What kind?” I said curious.
    “In order to get the best survey of women out there, to really see if she exists, I want you to sign up to a dating site. EHarmony.”
    “Heck no! That’s for ninety year old people!”
    “Wait a second! If you find a girl on there, date her, and stay with her for at least six months, I’ll pay for your subscription to the site, take you out to dinner, and. . . apologize.” I couldn’t believe what he was saying. In the five years I had known Jay, I never heard him apologize to anyone. That meant more to me than the money and dinner.
    “You got it. You got yourself a deal.”

    It was a month prior to my ferry adventure when Jay made that bet with me. And, the morning of Valentine’s Day I was matched up with Ashleigh, a beautiful, brown haired vocalist from Connecticut. We talked all day on the computer, and then decided it would be more convenient to exchange phone numbers. When I called her, her voice wrapped around me like a blanket.

    “Let’s be spontaneous. Let’s meet up today. It’s Valentine’s Day. I’d love to meet you.”
    It only took those words and I was already online checking ferry times. Before I began talking to Ashleigh, I was in a bubble. I hated change. I liked knowing what to expect wherever I went. This frightened me and kept a constant nervous excitement buzzing in my bones the entire night. And so, there I was, on a ferry at 8:30 at night, on Valentine’ Day.
    The sea began to calm a bit. I looked across the empty ferry to an adjacent booth. The only other booth filled. An old couple had fallen asleep in each other’s arms. They looked happy, content. It made me smile. It made me hopeful to see that there were couples still together at that age. I thought of Ashleigh’s voice at that moment. I felt that, if I had only her voice for the rest of my life, I could be ok. I could be content like that old couple.
    “Ladies and gentlemen, the boat will be docking in five minutes. Please walk towards…” the rest is a blur as to what the captain said. I was too excited. I ran to the back of the boat, outside, and onto the deck. I walked to the railing overlooking the parking lot of the Bridgeport ferry. The boat rocked slightly as I scanned the dock for her. The sea was still black with mystery. And then, there she was, walking out towards the edge of the dock and looking up at the boat. Our eyes met. She had found me on the boats deck. She smiled and mouthed a soft, “Hi.” I looked back out at the sea and realized I was on the deck. I was at the railing looking down into the water. My fear of the water was no longer there. I looked back at Ashleigh and smiled. I saw my life with her, our first home on the lake, our marriage at the beach, our two kids, the dog, and our gray hair. I saw us holding each other on a boat, falling asleep in each other’s arms, and having a young boy look at us admiring our love and devotion. I took out my cell phone, searched for the contact, Mom, and began texting her.

    By Thomas Hahn ©



    Valentines Day 2006
    I want to share with you my most memorable Valentine's Day.
    Its a little long, but it was such an incredible day!

    It was Valentines Day of 2006, and it happened to fall on a Tuesday. I had thought it was gonna be a normal day and got up when the alarm went off at 6am to get ready for work. When I rolled over to hit the buzzer, I looked down on the floor and saw all these Red & White Rose petals leading into our bathroom. I said to my Husband (boyfriend at the time), "What did you do?" as he was 'sleeping' beside me in bed. He tried to play it off, but I saw a smirk on his face and knew he had done something. Little did I know this was the tip of the iceberg!

    I get out of bed, and follow the roses into the bathroom which led to our Garden tub that was full of rose petals! In the middle was a Giant Teddy Bear holding 2 dozen long stem roses, and a folder that said, "Open Me". I opened it up and inside it read, "Honey, I wanted to make this Valentines Day really special for you. I love you with all my heart and since you have never been to the Caribbean, I couldnt imagine spending a week in Jamaica with anyone else"........hang on, lemme re-read this....A WEEK IN JAMAICA!!!! OH MY GOD!!!! I turn the page and there it was.......airline tickets & reservation information for Couples Swept Away!! I was in awe, as just a few minutes ago, I was prepared to jump in the shower and go to work!

    Now I look closer at these airline tickets and they say we are leaving at Noon!?!? What?? Thats 6 hours from now?? How are we gonna...........then he comes into the bathroom and interrupts me in mid sentence. Ya see, what I didnt know is that he had been planning this for months, and had already spoken with my boss (we work at the same company) and he had arranged for me to have the rest of the week off. I couldnt believe it!!!!! He then said he booked the flight for Noon so if I had any last minute things to do, we could do them this morning, pack, and head off to the airport! I was so overwhelmed and it finally hit me that this particular Tuesday was not going to be your average day!

    So we get a few things, pack up, and head for the airport. Got there in time to have a nice breakfast and relax for a few minutes as it had already been a whirlwind morning! Our flight is on time and we head straight to Jamaica! I still cant believe what is happening, but am also overjoyed with excitement, since I had never been to Jamaica before! We get to the airport and the weather is phenomenal. The bus ride down was full of Bob Marley music and happy times. I was so caught up in the moment!! We finally arrive at CSA and all I could say was WOW!! What a resort. The cool towel when you arrive, the friendly staff, the weather, 7 Mile beach!! Again, I was thoroughly overwhelmed, as I didnt know what to do next because there were tons of great things to do! What did I do to deserve this? How did I get so lucky?

    So we get our room, unpack, and head down for a nice lunch! Then we have a few drinks and before you know it, we are in our floats, suntanning, drinking, swimming, eating snow cones on the beach, talking with the staff, who I might add are some of the nicest people I have ever met! Always smiling, never seem upset, and it seemed they always went out of their way to make you feel happy and relaxed! Boy was I ever!

    We then had to go back to our room, as he had told me that he had arranged a nice Valentines Day dinner on the beach! What?!?! I get to eat Dinner on 7 Mile Beach!! Are you kidding me?! After we shower up and change, It was sundown, the weather was perfect, the tiki torches lit, and a personal waiter who served us on our own quiet portion of the beach! To this day, the most romantic dinner setting I have ever had! But we werent done yet! To close out the night, he then informed me that he booked us to be on the Catamaran cruise for their last outing for the evening. A cruise in the Caribbean on Valentines Day at dusk! Could the day end any better?!

    We finish up dinner and I run back to the room to get a few things now that I know we are going on a cruise. Meanwhile he was setting up for the rest of the night which I, again, knew nothing about. I get back and a few minutes later the Catamaran shows up and we all board it. Wow! What a nice boat! Complete with a bar, a bartender, a guitar strumming gentleman, and a beautiful sundown to boot! We ride out for a little ways and he asks me if I want a drink. I said, "Sure". So he says to stay where I was and he would be right back. Now I was in the middle of the back of the boat and had noticed people starting to drift towards the front of the boat, but really didnt pay any mind. The next thing I know the guitar player comes towards the back from the left side and he is singing a Jamaican version of "Somewhere over the Rainbow". How beautiful I thought. Then I glimpse over to my right and see another gentleman coming towards me with a watermelon. Still didnt put it together, until my boyfriend came from the middle with our drinks....he stops about halfway and the 3 of them and myself are the only ones on the back of the boat, while everyone else is looking on! My heart literally skips a beat as it looks like something unbelievable is about to happen! He then sets the drinks down, gets down on one knee, and pulls out the most beautiful ring I have ever seen!!! Oh My God, this it! My head is just churning trying to process all of this at once. Is this really happening? Am I dreaming? Turns out I wasnt as evident by his next statement, as he says something I will never, ever, forget....."Honey, I love you more than life itself, and would love nothing more than to spend the rest of my life with you. On this boat, under these stars, in the most romantic place in the world, I have one question for you,............Will you marry me?" Then the guy on the right turns the Watermelon around revealing that it said, "Will You Marry Me"

    Tears were rolling down my face and I was gasping to say Yes but I couldnt get it out because of the lump in my throat. This man just rocked my world by surprising me with a trip to Jamaica and then he one ups it by asking me to marry him!! I was so taken aback, that it actually took me a couple seconds to finally exclaim, "Yes, Yes, Yes!!" Then the boat broke out in applause and it all finally hit me....he did all of this, all of this planning, all of the trip, everything, for me. What made me so special? To this day just thinking about it gives me goosebumps every time! Just writing this has made me smile, laugh, tear up, and feel so happy and proud that I found the perfect someone for me, who showed me truly how much one person can love another and make them feel like the luckiest person in the world!

    We were married later that year and life has truly been a blessing.....a blessing for finding someone who wanted the same thing I did...Love & Happiness!

    Thank you for allowing me to have a forum to express and remember this day once again.



    There's Nothing Like a (romantic) Man In Uniform
    My boyfriend and I attended different colleges, but made every effort to spend at least the holidays together (yes, even the "Hallmark" ones). I was going to school full time at the University of Michigan and working for Volkswagen of America on the auto show circuit, so getting away was becoming increasingly difficult. Additionally, he is in the Air Force and had several responsibilities between leadership roles in his university's detachment, preparing for pilot training, and finishing up his last year as an engineering student. So, we were really disappointed when I learned that the Chicago Auto Show was schedule for two weeks: Feb. 4-17 (or somewhere around there). I had hope, though, that my oh-so-romantic boyfriend would send me something spectacular to make up for it.

    So, 9 days into the auto show, it's February 14. I kept my phone on me at all times that day hoping he would text or call or do something. He didn't. I thought to myself, he may be romantic, but he sure is forgetful. The day dragged on and I still did not hear from him. 9:30pm rolled around as I was getting back to my hotel room. The lights were off--I never leave the lights off. It also smelled funny. I made my way across the room to turn the light on and found a bouquet of all my favorite flowers with a note that said "Happy Valentine's Day, wish I could be here with you." I was so excited--he remembered! I called him right away to thank him for the flowers. It went something like this: "Thank you soooo much for the flowers!" "I'm glad you like them-happy valentine's day!" "I miss you." "I miss you too. Hey, I'm actually walkin' into Buffalo Wild Wings with some guys, can I call you later?" (Me thinking: what?! um, no!) Me speaking: "Yeah, sure, that's fine. I'll be around, nothing to do..." "Ok, talk to you then, bye!" "Bye" I hung up, very disappointed and exasperated. One of my older friends on the VW account had just gotten divorced and it was her first Valentine's day alone in over 20 years, so I took some flowers, put them in an empty wine bottle, and took them to her room. We were having a cup of hot chocolate and watching the news when her hotel phone rang. She said she NEVER got this much company in one night before! She answered, and it was our team leader checking to see if she was in her room and if she knew where I might be. She said yes, and hung up. We both thought it very strange, but continued our conversation. Two minutes later, a knock at her door. She opened it and said, "Uh, I think it's for you?" I went to the door to find my boyfriend standing there, in full service dress uniform, with a bouquet of roses and our favorite bottle of wine. Naturally I was awe-struck. He had a meeting that evening! There was a snowstorm outside--how did he get to Chicago from Lansing?! And I just talked to him- shouldn't he be eating wings right now?! He said he ran out of his meeting, drove 2.5 hours to catch the last commuter train leaving Michigan City, IN. He said that when I called him they were about to announce the Randolph Station stop on the train and he knew that if I heard it his cover would be blown (that's right downtown in Chicago). It was also noisy on the train, so he wanted me to think he was somewhere with lots of people--Buffalo Wild Wings, of course! We went back to my room and enjoyed our bottle of wine, while I pinched myself to make sure it was all real. My face hurt so bad the next day from smiling so much! He stayed the whole weekend with me, saw the auto show 3 days in a row just to spend time with me. He was to leave Monday, andI took him to the train station. Two hours later, he comes up to my desk as I'm helping another show-goer, and I did a double-take. He decided he wasn't ready to leave yet, and he saw a really great restaurant on the way in that he was hoping we could try since he got in too late on Valentine's Day to take me out. Oh yes, I married him less than 18 months later. And you can only imagine what the proposal was like...

    This year, Eric's training jet (fondly referred to as "The Mistress") is paying him back for his 72 hour work weeks by taking him on a romantic 5 day weekend, flying all over the western United States. And since our early August honeymoon consisted of driving the dirtiest 16' Budget truck you can imagine from Kalamazoo, MI to Del Rio, TX three days after our wedding so he could jump right into pilot training, you can imagine how much we look forward to making up for lost time--and how excited I am to steal him away from "The Mistress" for a WHOLE WEEK! He's pretty hard to compete with, but maybe I can come up with a few romantic surprises of my own...



    February 14th, Valentine’s Day. Well, for Karen and I, that day is really nothing special, not really any different than any other day of the year. Why is that? It’s because of the following story.

    This story begins on October 30th, 2005. I am a teacher, and have had a very successful and rewarding career at a job that I loved doing. However, my personal life was a different matter entirely. I had been through two failed marriages, and all of the tears and heartaches that accompanied both divorces. I was 56, and spent a lot of time thinking about what the rest of my life would be like. Would it be spent alone? Would I never be able to find the kind of love that I have always dreamed of finding, but for some reason, had not found me? A fellow teacher at work had asked me if I had ever considered trying going online in search of someone. I thought about that for some time, and finally had gone with the old adage, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

    So, I spent the evening of October 30th, 2005, composing, rewriting, changing and perfecting my profile to put on a popular online “dating” site. When I thought that it was the best that it could be, I found a picture to go along with it, and, with much intrepidation, posted it. With my palms a little sweaty after all of that, I started to scan through the site in search of someone that might be of interest. After a short period of time, I came across this picture of a beautiful woman, with an unbelievable smile, on a tropical beach, with a parrot on her shoulder, and one sitting on her raised hand! I was completely captured by the photo. My eyes went right away to her profile, and my heart started to race a mile a minute, I could not believe what I was reading!! It was almost identical to mine! I read her profile over and over again, and kept looking at her picture. How could there possibly be someone with a profile so close to mine!

    I had to get in contact with this person, I just had to. I took a deep breath, and sent her a little message through the site to introduce myself. Well, a very short time later I get a return message from her that says “Mr. Ellis??? Do you remember me, it’s Karen!!” As it turned out, the beautiful woman that was in that captivating picture, was a student that I had taught in grad 11, 28 years before!! Back then she had very long hair, whereas in her picture on the beach, her hair was very short. It had never dawned on me who it was until she sent that message back to me. We had a wonderful time over the next week chatting online, and finding out what had been going on in our lives over all those years.

    We agreed to meet for the first time (well, the first time since she was a student in my class back in 1977) on November 5th. We sat and talked for hours and hours, discovering how much we had in common, how our goals in life were so similar, and when it was eventually time to say goodnight, how much we were looking forward to seeing each other again. I have often thought that if I had recognized Karen from her picture, I might not have contacted her, I mean, who wants to meet up with their old math teacher, right?? It’s funny how things work out.

    Well, a wonderful love developed between the two of us, leading to a beautiful wedding on December 4th of 2007. Meeting later in our lives, as Karen and I did, has led us to follow a very simple philosophy of life, an acute awareness that life is too short. Too short to spend anytime arguing over silly and petty things, we have yet to have an argument since we met! Too short to put anything off until tomorrow, if we can afford to take a trip, as we both love to travel to the Caribbean, we go without thinking twice about it. Too short not to tell each other, as often as we can, how much happiness being together has brought to our lives, how much love we have for each other, and how much we care for each other. Too short not to do as much as we can for each other every single day of the year.

    I’m retired now, but Karen still has a few years to go before she can retire. The happiest times of my day are first thing in the morning when I see that heart-capturing, oh so beautiful smile as she wishes me good morning, and the big hug at the end of the day when she gets home from work. We probably spend much more time together than the average couple, again a factor of meeting in our later years. When we go on our trips south, we are together 24/7, yet when it’s time for Karen to go back to work after we get home, we still miss each other very much. It’s a wonderful feeling to be in love, and to be loved, like that!

    In each other we have found the kind of love that we’ve always dreamed of, hoped for, and wished for. We both know that we are not going to have the 40 plus years together to share all of the good times, as we would have if we had met many years ago, but because of that, we try to make every single day, from when I first see the sparkle in her eyes at sunrise, until we kiss goodnight after sundown, as special and as memorable as it possibly can be.

    As special, I guess, as a Valentine’s Day! And that, you see, is why, for Karen and I, February 14th is just another day for us. Because for us, every day of our life together, since we found each other “online” in 2005, is honestly and truly a happy, and loving, Valentine’s Day!

    Karen, you are such an amazing person, a beautiful woman, and the best wife and partner any man could ever hope for. I love you more than you’ll ever know, and look so forward to the rest of our life together!!



    Our Valentines Day Story
    Mike and I were involved in a long distance relationship in 2005. I was in my last semester at the University of Michigan. Mike was in North Carolina guiding whitewater rafting trips. We only got to see one another on seldom occasions but the frustration of that was made easier by our having decided in previous months that once I was done with school I would move to North Carolina so we could grow this wonderful thing we’d found in each other.
    Wrapped up in school, I’d all but forgotten that Valentines day even existed let alone that it was the following Monday. You can imagine my surprise when I got home Friday afternoon from class and found my sweetheart there in my driveway with one single rose. I was absolutely thrilled. That Saturday was just perfect. We went hiking and had lunch in Frankenmuth but I had to study that night. He asked me to keep Sunday available if I could, which I did. We went into Detroit for a fantastic Italian meal and afterword, started heading north toward Flint. He wouldn’t tell me what he had in store next but I could tell he was a little fidgety. In the hour or so between the two towns, a snowstorm started coming in pretty quickly. Mike was driving; we got a little turned around. I could tell he was getting really anxious at this point and kept a keen eye on the time so whatever his plans were for me, they were time sensitive. We ended up taking a state route road to cut from one highway to the other. At this point the snow was coming down really hard and the visibility was awful. We decided to forego this weird shortcut and go back to the main highway. We found a road to turn around on, but it was surprisingly narrow and we couldn’t find a place to make a turn. We drove down it for a bit and decided to just try to turn around on the road itself. I remember the sky was thick with big fluffy flakes and the road was pretty much covered with powdery snow. Somewhere in the multiple attempts to pull forward back up pull forward back up, the wheels began to spin. Mike’s nervous laughter turned to pretty genuine concern and all at once I realized we were stuck. Mike got out and assessed the situation with the rental car, kicked at some snow around the tires, rested his hands on his hips looking skyward thoughtfully and got back in the car. “Well, at least we have a full tank of gas and some delicious Italian left over” he said. We could’ve kept the car idling for heat but the rental agency had included a blanket in the trunk for whatever reason so we snuggled up and talked for a few hours. We rarely got to see each other so the idea of spending the night in the car in the middle of nowhere watching it snow, snuggling, and nibbling Italian out of a paper take out box seemed pretty wonderful to me.. After some time the cold got through our blanket and we cranked up the car to put the heat on. Once warm I drifted off to sleep in his arms.
    What woke me up was the sharp tapping of metal on glass and when my eyes cleared I saw an older man through the windshield. Mike opened the window and the man said he’d seen our headlights, he owned the farm we were stuck on, and asked if we needed help. He and Mike tried for a short time to free the car. I noticed the snow had stopped and the cold night sky was a sequin gown of twinkling stars. The old man’s name was James and his wife’s name was Marie. “There’s no moving this thing tonight” James said so we crunched through the snow to their farmhouse. We found Marie had gotten out of bed to make hot tea to warm us up. They were an absolutely darling pair. They insisted we stay till morning when James could get his tractor to pull our car free.
    The small bed they made for us was where their grandson stayed during visits in the loft of their farmhouse and Mike had a stunned look when he noticed a telescope pointing up out of the window beside it. “Perfect” I heard him mutter to himself. When James and Marie had gone back to bed, Mike started fidgeting with the telescope until he got it pointed and focused at one of the millions of glittering stars. “I don’t know if that’s the right one” Mike said while I was looking through the eyepiece, “The guy at the planetarium was supposed to show us the right one. We can pretend.” I looked over to see what he was talking about and found him holding a piece of paper from the International Star Registry. Mike had contacted them and arranged to rename star XD-511 “Diana Benson” My first name, his last name. He produced a ring box, opened it, and said “Diana, will you be my forever?”
    To this day James and Marie get a Valentines Day card from us each year.



    Best Valentine's Ever!
    Valentine's Day 2010. I was 9 months pregnant, and awaiting the arrival of our daughter any day. My husband tells me Sat night that we have plans for Sunday evening, but he won't tell me any details. All I was told was to dress up and be ready at 7. He wanted us to share a very special V-day before the birth of our first child. Well... our baby had other plans.

    I went into labor at 3am Sunday morning. Our daughter was born at... you guessed it... 2:14pm on the nose. She KNEW it was Valentine's Day I was exhausted, yet excited to see our new arrival, Haley Reese. But in all the chaos, little did I realize that her arrival foiled my husband's v-day plans for the two of us.

    But being the WONDERFUL husband that he is... he made up for it. At around 8 Sunday night, after we sent Haley back to the nursery, a nurse came into my room, gave me a silky robe and comfy slippers to put on, and asked me to get in the wheelchair. She wouldn't tell me what was going on. She wheeled me down to an area of the hospital that looked like it was under construction (most of it was). But she took me into this empty room where I heard a noise. And there stood my husband. In a tuxedo. With 3 dozen roses (signifying the # of years we'd been together). Guitar player in the corner. And dinner fit for a king at our own personal table for 2. I cannot believe he pulled something like that a HOSPITAL no less.

    Even in all the chaos of us having the baby, he still managed to go above and beyond. That's just the kind of man he is. So loving. And SOOOOOO creative. I can honestly say that I don't think he'll ever be able to top Valentine's Day 2010.

    We're saving up now for our first trip to Jamaica. We never had a honeymoon, and we've been trying to take one for a couple years now. We had one planned when we found out I was pregnant. And who wants to go to an island when you're preggo? So again...put on hold. With a newborn, I can honestly say that our trip planning is in full force. Mommy and Daddy NEED some time away. Feb 2011 and Haley will be 1 year old. Couples we come!!!!!!!!!



    No distance could keep us apart!
    February 13, 2004 started out as a very sad day. I knew that I would be spending Valentines Day all by myself without my fiance who was living some 3000 miles away. I was living in New Brunswick, Canada while she was living in British Columbia, Canada. For those of you who don't know Canadian Geography we were on opposite sides of the country. The same distance as it is between New York and L.A. Neither of us had any spare money and we had not been able to afford to visit each other for over 8 1/2 months.

    A little back story; we had met while she was in my home city for business and had fallen passionately in love with one another during the month that we shared together. Not coincidentally, her company had put her up in a townhouse rental right next door to me. We met one day in the parking lot. There were immediate sparks. She later admitted that she timed her exit to run into me as she had seen me the previous day. I invited her to come over that evening for a glass of wine and I told her that I could fill her in on area sites that she should visit in the maritime provinces. The night was magical and we ended up visiting those same sites together.

    A month later a long distance relationship began which was both beautiful and at the same time heart wrenching. It was an average of 5 months between visits and you can't imagine the "countdowns" that we had.... and also the long distance bills!

    On February 13th I talked to her on the phone and both of us were so choked about not being able to be with each other on that special day. I had an urge to make it possible no matter what! I called Aeroplan airmiles and miraculously there was availability...but only on business class. I had saved airmiles for about 3 years but did not have enough for the flight. I was shocked that it was even available. I told my mom about it and she donated the remaining miles to my account and the availability was still there. I was booked!! Oh my goodness! I called her mom who lived in the same city and we made a plan. She was to spend the evening with her daughter and go out for Teppanyaki at an area restaurant. My plan was to knock on her door just before dinner... some 17 1/2 hours after leaving my home town via Air Canada.

    Late in the evening on February 14th, around 8 pm the taxi dropped me off at her apartment and I knocked on her door. She literally collapsed when she saw me and we both cried and hugged for what seemed like 10 minutes. It was wonderful! Her mom left us alone and drove to her nearby home to allow us our time...(wonderful woman ) and I took her place (what she knew would be mine) at the Teppanyaki. We spent the evening sipping wine, eating great food, probably displaying way too many public displays of affection and then in each other's arms for the next 2 nights. Our less than 48 hours together was filled with so much love and happiness and romantic moments.

    My visit was for only two nights and then I had to return as that was the only availability on airmiles. I landed in Toronto just after midnite and I always joke that I am sure that I am the ONLY business class customer to voluntarily sleep on a bench for 8 hours until his early morning flight. I couldn't afford a hotel. When I awoke at 6:30 am after a fitful sleep I found out my flight had been cancelled due to a huge snow storm where I lived and was connecting to. I ended up flying out the following morning after spending 38 hours at the Toronto airport. My fiance (at the time) said "I can't believe what you went through to spend a weekend with me...I am blown away that you would do that" I told her "It was worth're everything to me".

    We married at Couples Tower Island on December 06, 2005 and are now very happily living together under the same roof in New Brunswick. We just celebrated our 4th Anniversary at Couples Sans Souci - Dec 18-26, 2009. Isn't love the most beautiful thing ever?! I would LITERALLY walk 100 miles to be with her. She's my best friend!

    Pretty great huh? Now it's your turn to vote on your favorite story. The polls will close in 10 days! Please one vote per person. Let the voting begin........
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    I vote for #5 iluvshoes.

  4. #4


    Wow. It's tough chosing! Everyone's VD stories are lovely and wonderful. Congrats to the top ten. Razzl

  5. #5

    Default This contest is great!!!

    All of these stories are great, but I must agree with T&R and have preference towards iluvshoes. It is a longer story than most, but it soooooooo romantic!!!!

    Congrats to Couples for coming up with a contest that is so great & unique, that it keeps you coming to the site over and over to see others experiences!

  6. #6


    Thank you so much for this opportunity Seandymon! We truly appreciate it.

  7. #7


    aww the Thomas story is the best. so sweet!

  8. #8

    Default Thank you so much!!

    Thanks for your kind words and votes concerning our story! It would be so amazing for us if we finished in the Top 3.

    Also, Thanks to Couples for selecting our story. You guys are simply the best!

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    We are all blessed to be in the top 10! These are some pretty amazing stories! I would LOVE to be a winner but I think we already are to be included in the top 10! Thanks to Couples for doing this! I said I would love to win but your story is really awesome!
    Glenda & Mickey

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    Thank you so much. We re two broke teachers and we're getting married at CSA next year and we would love use any prize towards our honeymoon. Sc- you're story is amazing and u deserve to win as well! I agree it's a privilege to be in the top ten! We feel truly blessed. Thank u all!

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    Default Drinkuth #8

    Drinkuth #8 gets my vote.

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    Thanks Ash! I know the "broke" feeling! We are "trying" to get 2 kids thru college! I think they think money grows on trees????
    Glenda & Mickey

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    Default Great stories guys!!

    I think these are all great stories. AshnTommy, I saw that you posted your wedding date as 8/06/11. Your story is great and well deserving of winning, but you can only use the trip from April 1, 2010 – March 31, 2011. Didnt know if you saw this, so I thought you might want to know.

    I think iluvshoes is very romantic, scjamaicagirl was a heck of a surprise, and drinkuth was so spontaneous.

    All of you are deserving of winning!

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    are you sure that is can only be used until march 2011?? i couldve sworn i read the info when that page was up and august2011 was do able! I wish they didn't take that page down.

    Seandymon, is there any way you can post the rules/restrictions again for this contest??

    Thank you!!

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    I'd like to vote for canadian_hoser. Anyone who'd fly that far in Canada in the middle of Feb must be crazy in love. Good luck!

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    Great contest and I VOTED.


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    AshnTommy's story is adorable, and just because your teachers and trying to get married with the salary's you voting for you guys.
    Good Luck to all !!

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    I'm so thrilled to be included in this top ten! This is wonderful. Thanks for choosing us and for all you guys who voted for our story, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I must tell you though, while the trip would be fantastic, I have already won... Cuz I got the girl. And no matter what...Win lose or draw, in 40 days we get to go back home and share love with each other and all the beautiful people at CSA. Aint life grand!
    ~~~MUCH LOVE!~~~~

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    I can't agree with you more, Drinkuth. This is the first time I have written on this board since I uploaded the story you see before you (I am the Tommy in AshNTommy,:-). Usually it is my Fiance that messages on here and she tells me about it. We are all lucky to have this opportunity to share our stories with one another, but we are Blessed to have our significant others to spend our lives with. Everything else, to me, doesn't seem to be all that important. Thank you all, including Couples staff, for allowing us to share our stories. God Bless, One Love.

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    Default Thank you

    We are so happy to be in the top 10!!!! Even if we don't win, it's still really special to share our story! We are talking about taking a vacation this summer and he has been hinting at proposing! Everyone please keep your fingers crossed for me! This is such a great time in our lives!!!

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    I love the top ten Valentine love stories that have been picked. I can't help but think that the most inspiring story was from Ashntommy. They have my vote but it must have been an honor just to be chosen in the top ten.

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    I vote for Drinkuth. Best Valentines story.

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