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    Default CTI Spa Services and Prices

    Hello everyone! I have yet another question.

    I am trying to find out what spa services are offered at CTI, and prices for said services. I was hoping to find a "menu" of services and prices, but I can't seem to find anything like that.

    Can someone point me in the right direction?

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    Default Try this link. If it doesn't work go to CTI home page and then check the left side bar towards the bottom you will see a link for Spa. The Spa is amazing. Get there early and enjoy a fruit smoothie while lounging in a sun chaise, listening to the relaxing music gazing out over the Buddha pool. It is so relaxing.

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    It is on the CTI site on the left hand side near the bottom and says, "spa".
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Go under the Couples Tower Isle tab at the top, then towards the bottom of the right hand side you will see a "spa" link...that will take you to an online brochure! The massages there are amazing!!

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    You can check out the spa prices right on this web site. Just go to the CTI tab...on the bottom left you will see different things to click on and one is spa. The Spa menu is something that you can download and it does have the prices. Have fun!

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    OK, I'm an idiot. After I posted this, I went exploring some more and found it. LOL

    I plead stupidity, but with a defense. I am currently in nursing school full-time, have a husband who works 12 hour days, 6-7 days per week, and we have 4 kids, ages 16, 13, 8, and 7.

    We need this vaction!!!! LOL

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    You don't just need the vacation! You need the spa service also! I highly recommend the full body scrub with peppermint seaweed wrap, followed by a full body massage. Then before you go, get the four layer facial. All wonderful in the beautiful spa!

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    The facial was amazing!!! My first facial, but a wonderful experience. I went to Bayside afterwards and kind of had a greasy face, but it was so worth it!!!! It just looks like I'm glowing in the pictures!!!

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