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Thread: Solo at SSB?

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    Default Solo at SSB?

    If I play golf, can my wife goto SSB alone?

    Likewise if she is at the spa, can I go for a couple of hours until she gets there?

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    On the first day of your visit probably not. Once you're "established" as an SSB'er, I think it's okay... I just don't know how long it takes to get established as an SSB'er. It may help if you make some friends to sit with when you're solo.

    I know when we were at the AN beach at CN, there was a lady there solo while her husband was golfing in the morning. They had been there for about a week and had established themselves as an AN couple. She did sit amongst some of us and chatted with us while she was waiting for him to return and no one seemed to care. There was a gentleman who sat solo for a few hours one day and know one said anything. He and his wife had been at the beach each of the few days before and had sat on their own. I suspect she was at the spa. He left around lunchtime and they returned together an hour or so later.


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    Go there for a while and hang out with others together. From my experience, we did CTI and got to know people around the pool and I don't think any of them would have had a problem if I disappeared for golf or if my wife left for the spa. If one of you shows up alone (especially the guy) without knowing anyone, it may seem kinda pervy. However (never having been to SSB) if you are just there to grab a lounge chair and lay on the beach away from the group, I would bet that it would be fine. It is a "Couples" resort though

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    This is my personal opinion- am sure the rules say no.

    I am sure your wife could get away with it but a single man may have a tougher time.

    It would be easier if you spent a few days together as not to concern the guests with solo arrivals.
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    Yep no problem.

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    I agree with most of the others. If you have been to SSB as a couple prior to this, then usually everyone knows that you have a SO, and they will probably figure that she is off doing something, or vice versa for her. We have gone, and at some point one of us had to leave for a while. No one cared. Go and enjoy.

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    The "rules" are no. That being said if you go there by yourself and and she shows up a little bit later no one will probably think anything of it. The "rules" also say you must be completly nekkid but I have spent my fair share of time at the bar on SSB in the pouring down rain while everyone was wrapped in towels trying to stay warm. The point being that while the "rules" are there for a reason I personally believe they are may be broken as long as no one is offended and we all understand why. IMHO


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    My wife and I are experienced naturalists. We have been to quite a few Au Natural resorts many times in our 27 years together. Hey...If I want to go the the AN area while my wife basketweaves or whatever, I have no problem with that. If others care not to talk to me because I am alone at the be it. If someone thinks I am a perv..hey..I've been called worse...everyone has the right to their own opinion. I will just lay back, have a drink, soak up the sun. I am sure there will be many others' there up for a chat for I am a personable guy for I am not shy and I love to get to know people in a friendly environment. Sam

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    I agree that it may be more comfortable to visit SSB as a couple the first time, once you meet one or two others, I don't think it'll be a problem if you're alone.

    The pool bar is very social area where both individuals and couples gather to chat. Often times, there were groups of men, and separate groups of women spending time together. Unless you counted and tried to pair them off, who knows if they are there with their partner or not.

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    I went to SSB one morning without the wife who went to the spa. I thought she was getting an hour massage. She showed up after almost three hours very buffed; massage, facial and more. I felt a little odd, but no big deal. Would I do it again? Yes! and I wouldn't give it a second thought.

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    The rules are no singles. The rule was made to keep the people that just want to come and look.

    The real truth is the staff will say or do nothing if you go as a couple a few times and then show up alone for awhile. Both my wife and I have gone alone and no issues. Meet the staff and everything will be cool. If they ask, tell them your mate is coming but is at the spa or golf right now.
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