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    Hello everyone!

    My fiance and I are booking for our first time at CSA for our honeymoon. We are hoping to book the Atrium.

    Does anyone know which side faces away from the road (like east, west, etc.)? Granted, we're not guaranteed rooms that we request, but it doesn't hurt, right? I'm a super light sleeper so any more quiet given would be great.

    I read somewhere that with the slats for windows sometimes you can hear other couples. Do you think this will be a problem? We'll be on our honeymoon . . . so you can see how this could make things awkward. Any suggestions?

    Does anyone know what charges apply to the LoveAway payment? Do the $100 charges stop once the deposit is fulfilled and then we pay the rest at our own leisure (prior to 45 days), or does it continue charging after the deposit, and into the full payment until 45 days prior? I suppose I'm just a little confused by the wording.

    Just some general questions, but I appreciate the feedback! SO EXCITED for CSA!

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    Congrats on your wedding. We too are going to CSA in june and picked the atrium as well. Not to sure about being able to hear others but figured the radio on should take care of that. LOL

    We paid using the love away plan. We put $258 down (minimum I think) and paid $100 every month until we called and paid off the balance. I recieved an email every month reminding me of payment and balance( thanks randymon). When we wanted to pay off the Balance we just called and told them what we wanted to do and they took care of it and the $100 payments stopped. I think they will remind you before the Balance is due and they will just charge that the card you have given them. But you can pay extra and pay it off sooner too.
    hope this helps

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    ALL the rooms face the sea. Close the blinds and turn on the noise....from others or you...

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    I think if you book with the loveaway plan your card will be charged $100 per month, each month... with the remaining balance due 45 days prior to your trip.
    Melissa & Anthony

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    Just a reminder that it is 100.00 plus the foreign exchange fee your CC will more than likely charge as well. Mine happens to be 3% so every month it charged 103.00. Nov 19th can't come soon enough!

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    Default SA-golfers-5/15-5/22

    45 days until our 1st Couples visit[always cruisin]told we'll never want to cruise again!!Looking for some "golf buddies"-May 15-May 22. Sooooo excited-MB is so neat!

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    None of the atrium suites are near the road, so as far as road noise, no problem. The large porch faces towards the ocean, you may be able to see it in some rooms, or you will just have a garden view. Atrium rooms are probably your quietest rooms at CSA , due to the location and the fact that there are only 4 in a building. You share no wall with any neighbors. { the center of the building is hollow with trees in the middle}. IF you are really concerned about noise, request a second floor room. My husband is a VERY loud snorer , and has sleep apnea and forgot his CPAP machine. I slept on the hammock more then one night of our trip due to his VERY LOUD snoring, and I never heard him with the door on the porch shut, and the wooden shutters shut. And when I say VERY LOUD I am not exaggerating. ( We have had people complain at hotels who had rooms next to our room, on vacations years ago before he got his CPAP). ENJOY, you will love CSA !

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