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    Default seeds and school supplies

    We are going to be at CSA in a a month and I was wanting to bring some seeds and school supplies like some people had mentioned. We can't bring paper this time because of the weight and size but we could bring pencils. Are there other smaller things that would be good? Also, what type of seeds should we get? I'm not sure what there is a demand for and what would grow well in that climate. Once we are there who should we give everything to? Thanks!

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    I'm interested to know about the seeds thing as well - we usually go in November...are seeds a practical gift for that time of year? Are there any horticultural experts out there??

    Advice please!! :-)

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    I don't know how their growing season is but they would probably keep until spring.

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    I can't say I've ever heard of bringing seeds... but I suspect that Customs would frown on it. Most countries are very cautious about introduction of non-endemic species, and the critters that can hitch a ride on them. You may want to look into that a bit more.

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    I'm not a Horticultural Expert but I know that Seeds ( in their packages ) are well appreciated. When bringing seeds down, you'll want them to say Certified Organic or similar- check those from a company called Presdidents Choice.
    The packaging will also tell you what will grow well in a Tropical climate like Jamaica.
    Schools will use Seeds to teach the kids and produce vegetable they can EAT as well....
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    From the many experiments planting seeds brought to us here...I've found that a lot of stuff just doesn't produce the vegetables expected....some doesn't grow at all, other stuff just isn't as "healthy" as local food - but still, I'm sure there will be people willing to try, and if anything, I know of some people who are experimenting trying to cross-breed Jamaican vegetables with the foreign ones.

    Flower seeds usually do better for some reason.

    If at all possible, try to find seeds packaged in foil pouches...they do so much better than those that come in the paper idea why, maybe something to do with moisture or freshness/shelf life ?

    One EASY and lightweight gift that would be fantastic....pick a book out...something with bright photos, an educational lesson or topic of some sort, preferrably hard cover. Take a photo of yourselves and paste it inside the front cover with your names, the date, and where you're from. Personalize it further with a small inscription...something general to "The Children Of Jamaica" or something since you won't know which school it will wind up at. IF you have space and a little bit of money to add, buy some sort of manipulative object that might go along with the book (Puppet? Stickers? Small toys?) - though these things would not be necessary to still get a lot of mileage out of the gift.

    The school receiving the book will share it among the can be read over and over for will be personalized from you....maybe throw in a couple postcards of your hometown for the children to look at..expand their awareness of the world too.

    I think that the Couples properties have adopted some schools somewhere, but not sure where I might have read that?

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    Each of the Couples properties has one or more adopted schools.

    Road Gypsy... such a delightful twist! Post cards from our "other home"... cool!

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    Thanks for the ideas! I was going to head over to the book store soon for myself but I will pick up a few for the kids too. Great ideas!

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