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    Default A few questions.....

    1. Can anyone tell me which place would be better for dinner the night of our wedding? Lemon Grass or Feathers!! What I had in mind is something classy, inside with AC to take a break from the heat and great food!! Any suggestions as to which one I should make reservations at?

    2. Are you allowed to take a cab to CN to check it out. I would like to see it up close and personal to decide if I would like to stay there! Do they let you just go peek?

    3. Do the BFS have air conditioning?

    4. Anyone know if I can light candles in my room?

    5. How big can my carry on be? I am afraid I am going to want to shove everything in there in fear of my luggage being lost, and not having everything I need for my wedding day!!

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    1. Feathers!!
    2. You can ask the Concierge to arrange for you to peek at CN or you can do the Trading Places program.
    3. All room have A/C and ceiling fans
    4. There are no Candle Police at the resort
    5. Check with your airline, not the resort, regarding your carry on. It has to fit in the overheard compartment or under your seat...If it's too big, an airline ground agent will probably take it from you at Boarding and check it anyway.

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    I agree with all of WandA answers. A suggestions to the candles are to buy the flameless tea light candles. They work wonderfully. As for the lost luggage. I carried on my dress in the bag and hung in the 1st class closet(his suit was in that bag also). I packed things I really needed for my wedding day in my carry...his shoes and tie, my jewelry, etc. Congrats on your wedding.

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    How do you do the Trading places program?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AHammon View Post
    How do you do the Trading places program?
    Here's the link to all of the information:

    Basically, you need to sign-up for the Romance Rewards program and bring your member number to the resort. Sign-up for the Trading Places at least 24 hours in advance. On the day of, Couples will drop you off at the sister resort at 10am and pick you up at 4pm. Have fun!
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    But if I carry on my carry on bag AND my purse, wont that be considered my personal item? So i should be able to take on my carry on, my purse AND my dress?

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