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    Default Uncomfortable ? For Men

    My Husband an I will be at CN 26th for our Anniversary first real vacation belated Honeymoon you might say and we have been thinking of trying the AN beach. My husband is concerned due to of course our first ever encounter with total nekkid enviroment the emotinon of this may be very apparent since he is male in such a way as to make it embarressing ... if you get my drift. Is this common to see on the AN beach for first timers? I am sure as we get relaxed and secure it will not be an issue. I apologize if my question may offend anyone that is not my intent the message boards have asnwered just about every question we have had concerning our worries but I have not seen this issue and hope it was ok to ask. Thanks in advance....

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    LOL!!! Good question, we choice CSA so not a issue for us anymore. But Hubby was worried that I wanted to try the AN and if we did what should he do if things ummmm " came up".

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    I can't tell you if it's common or not - we've only done the AN thing once. I didn't see it then, though.

    I can't speak for all men, but... While the thought of being naked with my loved one in paradise is arousing, the atmosphere just isn't conducive to becoming aroused. It's not a sexual thing. And the thought of other people seeing me "at full attention" keeps me from standing "at full attention." Now if it were just the two of us...

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    I'm assuming you are referring to being "excited"? I was worried that, that could happen too.. but it didn't. There were no issues and trust me...I'm easily excitable. I didn't notice it ever happen to anyone else either... but we pretty much kept to ourselves. From what I've read, if there is an issue, simply roll over... or get in the cool water.

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    I'm amazed that 145 people have read this and not responded. Hmmmmmm.

    Okay. Not to worry. About anything. What ever issue each person or couple may have concerning being naked, will very quickly become a "non-issue". Instead, it evokes conversation, laughter, and the pure and absolute environment to be yourself. It transcends all cultures, barriers both real and created, decades of beliefs and social behaviors. It is one of the most powerful and empowering expressions of unbridled freedom. Especially when all that is occurring at a Couples location. Known for offering love, understanding, and compassion in a picture book setting of a caribbean island.

    I'm sorry, what was the question?


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    It is not generally seen and definately is not acceptable but I can say I was concerned about the same thing and it was not an issue at all.

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    Default if problem rises

    it will be ok, usually these problems don't occur. being in the nude will become so natural, i have caught myself talking to other couples and not even realizing were all nude!! and when you get back home it will feel strange to get in the pool with clothes on. .(swimsuit). being nude is not sexual, but when you are with your loved one and you look over at her with the suntan lotion glistening in the sun off of her naked body. ..well a problem could come up.. . a quick dip in the pool will do the trick

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    This almost never happens. If so thats why you roll over in your lounger and get some sun on your back for a bit. If this is your only concern, you are good to go.` If you are super concerned (which should not be the case) things could be arranged in your room before you got to the beach, if you know what I mean. If this is your biggest concern we will see you on the A/N beach.

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    No offense taken to your question. It is one that is often asked or eluded to.

    Since this is your first experience or encounter with the AU Natural beach at CN may I suggest that you simply take up a location on the beach towards the back that you will feel comfortable with. After awhile that level of concern will melt away and it you will begin to feel the natural experience.

    There are many ways to look at a nakid body. You can look in lust and see the sexual content or you can look at it being an art form and see the sculptured lines and tones.

    It is all within your mind and how you look at it and control those thoughts. The mind is the biggest sex organ a person has.

    If the situation arises , simply roll over an tan the backside.

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    Default Non Issue

    I doubt that it will be an issue at all. When we started down the AN path, I thought that I would end up in that "embarrassing" situation that you allude to! If he is concerned, I would suggest a couple of drinks before heading over. You could also have a little "personal" time before (or after) the drinks just to ease the concern.

    Good luck, you will absolutely have a blast!

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    I've never seen it happen, but I'm sure he could alays turn-over until such time as is required. Bride and I always "take care of things" in the room in the morning before we hit the beach(and at other random times...vacation!!). Has the added benefit of reducing the chances of such an occurance.

    Relax & enjoy

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    With all the sex going on before and after the AN beach (in your room) I am sure you won't have an issue and if you do then rollover.
    ... it keepsh me shane

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    Everytime I hear this question I think of a statement my husband made. The first trip to Couples we made, we headed over the to SSB to check it out on our fist day, and needless to say, spent the rest of our beach time there. All except about and hour or so waiting for the boat to leave for the Glassbottom boat trip. We spent that on the textile side. He said he had more of a problem with "excitement" watching all the women in bikini's than all the nudes on SSB. I think it has to do with having to use the your immagination. And as others have said, if it happens hit the cold water, or roll over on the lounger. No problem mon.

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    Thank you so much everyones replies have helped ease worry on this subject so much. My husband and I can not wait we leave on Friday we will see everyone there!!! I have to say the message board has been absolutly wonderful it has answered every question we have had about CN concerning our trip it has made planning so easy - Everyone has been really great all CN patrons seem more like a big family can not wait to be part of it. Thanks again! Sincerely Pruitt Lee

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    i would put a hat on it, if i wore a hat

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    Just roll with it. In reality it's more relaxing than you may have ramped it up in your mind. You only live once.

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    Just go in the water. It takes care of it

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    The best advice I have seen regarding this question is for your husband to roll over and get some sun on his back. The first few times I was at an AN beach, I had the "gallant reflex" but it became less of a problem with the passage of time and following a quick dip in the bay. However, if this problem lasts for more than four hours . . . . No, that is from those commercials . . . never mind.

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    Trust me your own wife is the one that you will have that problem with. The other women on the beach don't seem to bother you but your own wife will.

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    Default scared!!

    ok so im really scared .the nude beach is seperate isnt it from the rest of the beach? while i have no problem people bathing naked i dont want to keep looking up from sunbathing and having people walk past me naked just makes me feel uncomfotable..................

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    Default you can relax

    The nude beaches are separate from the textile beaches. If you don't feel comfortable seeing nudes swimming/sunning, just stay far away from their area. But you really ought to try it(AN). It is an awesome experience

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    thankyou thats defo put my mind at ease now

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    We honeymooned at TI in 06, and spent most of the week on the Island. During that time, only the flag on the fort was ever seen at "full mast". Please dont worry, and please DO enjoy. I think you two will love it. We started planning this week for a November trip back !

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    Default full mast

    Quote Originally Posted by M and e View Post
    We honeymooned at TI in 06, and spent most of the week on the Island. During that time, only the flag on the fort was ever seen at "full mast". Please dont worry, and please DO enjoy. I think you two will love it. We started planning this week for a November trip back !
    Ok....the flag was the only thing seen at "full mast". Honestly now how many times are "half masts" seen at SSB or TI?

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    One solution would be to use some of the "excited" energy before you go to the beach :-) Just a thought. Like others have said the environment isn't like that. There's alot of conversation going on. Its easy to mingle or just be by yourself if you wish. Its ALOT of fun to mess with the gawkers!! My wife and I told our selves that we would try it for 30 minutes, if after that we didn't like it we would leave. Needless to say we went about everyday. Have fun and don't worry about what ever might pop up. If it does head back to the room and have fun!!

    p.s. Tell you hubby to apply and re-apply sun screen down below, a sunburn will kill any mood.

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