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    Default Back to CN to Celebrate our 30th Anniversary .... 165 Days & Counting!!!

    I'm one HAPPY lady today!!! WOO HOO!!!!!! We booked a trip last night to CN for our 30th Anniversary in September. The last time we were there was for our 27th Anniversary in 2007 & even though we went to CSS in 2009, we've both been dreaming of getting back to our favorite paradise at CN. Now I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that no hurricanes get in our way ........ They wouldn't dare rain on my 30th parade!!!! 165 Days & counting!

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    Congratulations on your upcomming 30th celebration.

    We started at CN with our 25th and in 21 days we will be celebrating our 30th at CN.

    You have indeed selected a piece of heaven for your memory book. I will predict NO RAIN on your parade.

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    Hi Julie - Congrats!! Very Happy for you and Dave!!! You know you are going to have a Fantastic Time!!!! YAY!!!
    Btw, How are you wearing your hair these days?
    Art xo Francine

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    RDYJMJM - CONGRATS to you both on your 30th!!!! WOO HOO Makes you feel like you've accomplished something that very few do & feel blessed to have found the person that you could share your life with, doesn't it. Still trying to decide if we want to do the vow renewal on the beach or not. Did you on your 25th or are you doing it now for #30? Have a WONDERFUL time at CN!!!!!!! Can't wait until it's us. Thanks for the good wishes & reassurance that it won't rain on my parade ....... I'm not so worried about some rain but the 150 + MPH wind would put a damper on things.

    Francine - Thanks for the good wishes. Hear you & Art are going to be celebrating #25 next month ........ Are you celebrating at CN????? Whatever you do ...... CONGRATS & have a AMAZING time!!!! My hair is about to the middle of my back ...... kind of between my shoulder blades in length. I still have bangs to cover up the frown lines between my eyes ....... it's cheaper than Botox. I either wear it straightened or flipped out at the ends depending on what it wants to do that day. It's easier than fighting it. Have you grown yours long again. I saw a photo probably a year ago on here where it was getting pretty long & the layers were grown out. Looked very cute. I LOVED your short short hair .... looked way better on you than me.

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    I guess we're members of this club. We started at CN for our 25th Anniversary and have been back every year and will celebrate our 30th this July at CN. Maxernie- I feel your excitement!!
    Mariann and Jim

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    Congrats to you Mariann & Jim!!! I think one of the reasons that we've all been married so long has to do with going to CN & acting like newlyweds for a few days every chance we get. Have FUN!

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    A BIG CONGRATS to you also Long Island Couple!!!! Know you'll have an amazing time at CN!

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    We renewed our vows for our 25th at CN, spent our 27th at CN, our 29th at CSS, our 30th at CSS and now our 31st at CSA in 10 days!!
    Couples has helped me re-discover my best friend every year!!
    It's all IRIE MON...

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    Add us to the list We had our 26 at Couples TI, and are back to celebrate Our 30th May17 at CN. Looking forward to having our friends from England that we met last year.Mostly looking foward to sharing our vow renewal with our two children (23 &27) CAIT WAIT!

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    We didn't do vow renewals but may consider it while we are still ummmm in our youth at some future time.

    It's amazing how the love that you feel for one another can become magnified while at a Couples Resort.

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    Yeah for you guys!! Have an awesome trip.

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    Julie and Dave-I think you are exactly right about going to Couples every year and acting like newlyweds for a few days. It is great for your marriage!! Please see the other post I sent about your wedding picture!

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    Congratulations to all the "long timers" We discovered Couples Tower Island in 2005 when we celebrated our 25th anniversary. We have managed to get back every year since. We are 24 days from returning and will be renewing our wedding vows on April 19th in celebration.
    CTI/April Amigos

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    Wow! Congratulations to all! I detected a pattern here! We also started our trips to CN celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary! That was in 2006. We managed to return in 2007 and again in 2009. Unfortunately durning these hard economic times and having 3 kids in college... it was difficult to return this year. However.... We are saving hard in order to return to CN in 2011 to Celebrate our 30th anniversary! Counting the days!

    Jamaicaman & Hottie

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    Congrats to all of us long-timers .......... Marriage isn't for sissies. Getting to go to Couples as often as possible sure makes it easier, though. Can't wait to get there is September & feel like a newlywed all over again even though the gray hair & wrinkles are starting to win.

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    Wow so nice to see more of us longtimers out there congrats to all of you that have made it to that great 30yr. mark, as said before it's not easy these days. My hubby and I are headed to cti in dec. 2010 for our 30th. for the first time. I'm so glad I choose couples sounds like the perfect place to reward ourselves. I too hope my hubby gets hooked, I know I will be.

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    You know, I think Couples could develop a new advertising campaign that stated, "If you want to keep your marriage exciting, romantic and fun, go as quickly as you can to to a Couples resort today." I know we grow closer each time we go. We spend the rest of the year laughing and talking about our past trip and dreaming of future trips to Couples.

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    We just booked for our anniversary next fall at CN. It will have only been 5 years but we found each other later in life and decided to renew our vows after 5 years. Cannot think of a better place to do so.

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