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    Default Trading Places Pass

    We are going to be staying at CN and were wondering if you can get a pass to spend a day at CSA? I know if you are a repeat customer you are able to but this will be our first time staying at Couples.

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    If you just sign up for the repeater's program and have a number, you can use the trading places day pass. You don't get any of the other benefits until your next trip, but the pass you can use right away.

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    I don't believe it is limited to repeat visitors but those that are part of the romance rewards program. Get signed up and you should be able to do the trading places, if I'm not mistaken. And if I am I hope someone will correct me.

    Bart & But

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    Just sign up for Romance Rewards before you go. Sooner than later. As long as you are a Romance Rewards member you can go check out CSA. Have fun!

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    I have registered for the Romance Rewards, so does that mean that although we won't travel until Jan./11, that I should be able to get the pass for a day??
    I am so excited to go. I can't handle it. It seems like such a long wait but I know when we are there it will seem like time went so fast!1 Thank god I have Grandchildren to keep me busy???

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    Yes JC, as long as you have your number with you, you will be able to take advantage of the Trading Places program.

    I tried to find the link explaining the program, but I can't find it, but here is the jist. The program is on Mon, Wed, & Fri. You will leave your resort and go to the resort in the same city as yours from 10am - 4pm. The transfers are free unless you decide to leave before 4pm. If you stay past 4pm you will be charged the full rate day pass which I think is $200. They allow 10 couples per day to do the program.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Here's the link for more information about the Trading Places program:

    It's only offered on certain days, from 10am-4pm, and you need to sign-up a day in advance.
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    Thanks so much for the info.We'll make sure to take our number with us.

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