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    Default Me nervous??? ....Could be,,,,,,.Hugs

    I am just a little nervous about returning to CN..Couples Negril

    It's been three years since Peggy and I made our last trip to CN and we know several changes have taken place.

    And we know several of our favorite employees have moved on..It will feel strange walking around CN and not having the staff members know me..But I do plan to meet an awful lot of them.
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    no worries. change happens everywhere and although I am not one that loves change, as long as you remember that you are there to have fun and relax. All will be will. Sending you a hug from michigan.

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    Tommywommy, never fear, no nerves, you will find paradise at CN. Yes there are some changes and yes there are new faces and you will miss some of the old faces. But it is still CN, Karen is still there and you will feel that sense of calm wash over you when you step off the shuttle. Have fun.

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    Whatever you do, don't blame your absence (and your adventurous spirit) for any changes you may notice at your beloved Couples Negril! You know it, and everyone here knows it... you will be welcomed back to CN with a smile and more than a few pairs of open arms to offer you your well deserved "hugs".

    And as you also know... that swim up bar will be open and the Salty Dogs will be as cold (and putrid) as ever...


    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Tommywommy -

    It will be wonderful....just think of this as an opportunity to make new friends. It will just as magical as it has always been....almost like a new adventure all over again.

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    I remember you being nervous about not knowing any staff members at CSS too, hmmmmm how long did that last????

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    I am at CN right now! Yes, the mood is subdued here and the bartenders don't seem to be in groups anymore. They are still very friendly and the guest service seems excellent. We scuba dive and the crew there is the same. The servers we love are still here. We are in paradise! Don't worry about a thing!!!!

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    Default hugs!

    Tommy --
    No fear my friend -- we are here now, and while things are slightly different, the service is still top notch and paradise is still just as wonderful!
    Gave a Karen a hug for you just the other day!! Saw Mischa and told him to thank his entire F&B staff for the wonderful eats!!
    Missed Ava at the Lounge when we came in - may have been her day off....

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    kaityogill and beachwed2007..Thanks for the update.Enjoy the rest of your stay.

    beachwed2007...I appreciate you giving Karen for me..Sorry you missed Ava in the airport lounge.


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    Tommy - don't worry. We have been to CN 8 consecutive years. Some years were better than others - always found changes with staff and the resort. I think sometimes it depends on the guests who are there with you as well. Some of our favorite staff members, Robert & Amelia in entertainment, bartenders Steve and Stutton are no longer there but we still have Herbert, Tennyson, Carrie, Marlon, Franklyn, Ivylynn, the catamaran staff, etc.. They've added Lychee which was part of the gym etc. What is the saying? the more things change the more they stay the same? We wouldn't return if we didn't enjoy ourselves. Since we'll be there for #9 April 4-11th, we'll see what we can do to get everyone ready for you and we'll see you at the pool bar 4/10.

    Mike & Jean

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    mjd..ok friends....Clear me out a path to CN's world's famous swimp up pool bar..It will be Salty Dog time for me..Ruff Ruff

    CN...Couples Negril...Oh,how I love typing these words.

    Hugs from 10 0 C

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    No Salty Dogs allowed at the swim up bar.

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    Hey Dad(Rdyjmjm)..You ready to Par Ta?..You and I going to have us a Salty Dog together at CN's world famous swim up pool bar around 4 PM on April 10th?


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    Hi Tommy,
    I haven't had the joy of meeting you, but I have loved your posts on the message board!!!! I know in my heart that you will have a wonderful time at CN! My husband and I just experienced our first trip to a Couples resort at CSS in February, and we have decided that we will forever be Couples Lifers for now on!

    I am curious though---what's in a Salty Dog! I may want to try one when we return to CSS in December!

    All the the best, and I'm sure you will have a great trip in April!

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