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    Default internet availability at CSS?

    Can someone tell me if there is like an internet place at CSS? Or do I need to bring my laptop?
    Any info would be appreciated. thankyou.

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    Yes there is an internet lounge at CSS up by the front desk. I always bring my laptop, and we got wifi signal in D14.
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    In the game room there are a few computers available free of charge. I think there were 3 or 4, but really don't know as we brought our laptop and used it in the room.
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    When we were there in May 2009 they had computers in the Game Room that you could use. I'd check E-Mail every night before or after dinner with no wait. I wouldn't lug my laptop & go through the hassles at security unless you are going to be on it a LOT.

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    Four desk top computers right next to the check-in lobby.

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    Up by the lobby go in the little white door and there are 4 computers for internet access... we never had a problem, there were never more than one or two people in there. Also a pool table, table games, and also this is where you ck your photos taken by the resort photographer.

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    thank you, I wanted to keep in touch via e-mail w/ our dog sitter.

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