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    Default Couples Takes Hold Of You

    Somehow I felt I should write this.

    On the 16th June we returned home from our first trip to a Couples Resort, CSA. I had joined the message board and met several new friends before even setting foot on the plane. I had read so many messages looked at all the photos. I knew this place was something special due to the fact that not even on Trip Advisor was there a bad report about CSA lol.
    Thanks to Shellyann at CSA all my requests for gifts and meals were taken care of for my Wifes Birthday and our Silver Wedding again even before arriving at CSA. Now thats service.
    For every person going for the first time I will say this to you. Get ready to fall in love with the place.
    We have now been home 3 weeks and all I want to do is sort out our next visit. Its funny, but after only one visit Couples feels like a home away from home. People who are repeat guests will understand this and for you first timers beware you too will feel like this after your first trip.
    Sometimes you can go on holidays and the holiday is made by the people you meet up with. Then you feel you could not return as it would never be the same. With Couples it feels different. We met some fantastic new friends who will be friends for life. But with Couples its the whole package that draws you back. You just know there are new friends to be made, new things to do and see. It is hard to put into words as Couples just gets into your blood. I read a few posts similar to this before my first visit. I can now see and feel its true. To go anywhere else now all I feel is I would be comparing it to Couples. Also, to go anywhere else I would be feeling I am missing out on a Couples Holiday.
    OK, to sum up. Couples, whatever your magic potion is that captures the hearts of all your guests, please dont lose or ever change it, it works just fine.

    Here's to returning home ASAP,

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    I know exactly how you feel after our first trip to CTI in Nov 2006 we felt the same, and like you we read the message every day, made friends before we even got there, We were lucky enough to return to CN in Oct/Nov 2008 for my 50th birthday and again as soon we came home we started planning our trip back, but like you we are from the UK and you need to go for at least 2 weeks to make it worth your while, We have now decided that we shall be returning to CTI in April 2010 and are so looking forward to see all the changes that have taken place there.
    Its like other people say, "once you go you know" I really hope you will manage to return "home" one day

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    Ditto 4 cti and css also

    could not have been described any better.

    That's why

    "we <3 couples"

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    Welcome to the family of Coupleholics.

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    Welcome to the 'madness' ETF. Am glad Couples CSA was all you hoped for and more.

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    All I can say to you is welcome to the family. The first we went to CN we feel in love and made the decision on the spot to go back the following year.

    But when I stepped off the shuttle the following year, I wondered would it be the same, had I built up in my mind to be more wonderful then it was? would I be disappointed and wish we had gone some place different? was last year so great because it was new to us? Had we made a big mistake?

    The answer to all the questions were a resounding NO. No I had not built it up in my, No it was not the same it was better because it was like coming home, NO I was not disappointed, No I was not disappointed and No I did not wish we had gone someplace different and No,No, No it was not a big mistake.

    That was several years ago, we have gone to other places, some good, some not so good, but none compare to Couples. And as I cross the days off the calendar, one day closer to returning home, which for us will the be the 4th time (in the beginning I thought 3 visits were impressive, boy now I feel like I am still a newbie) I know that it will be better then the 1st time, because in some cases you truly can go home.

    Welcome to the Couples family, pull a chair up to the table and join in the fun.

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    See what we mean? gets in your blood and runs through your veins. Couples is more than a resort or a vacation spot, it is family.

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    YUP!!! This Says It All!!!

    Jamaica & Couples = PARADISE !!!

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    Lovely review captured the essence of the Couples experience.
    Shari & James
    Members of the 4 for 4 club

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