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    Default 6th Trip Soon Come - Traveler's Cheques?

    Doing the single digit salsa until we hit our heart's home at CN. Due to our split between MoBay and CN, we are needing more spending money than usual. Can anyone advise if you have used traveler's cheques and if there was any difficulty in cashing them? I know we can use the ATM but trying to avoid the foreign transaction fees - plus I managed to saved this money and want to spend it

    Ya Mon - CN soon come

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    We've had no problems using or cashing travelers cheques; but you'll likely get your change back in Jamaican money, so bring cheques that are in small denominations.

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    Thanks Cubismo - 8 LLLLOOOOOONNNNNGGGGGG days to wait

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    Totally agree with Cubismo!! Get them in as small amounts as you can

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bkhiattky View Post
    Totally agree with Cubismo!!
    Count yourself amongst the minority.

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