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    Default Trading Places Question -- CSS

    My husband and I will be at CTI in just 9 days (yeah!!!), and are thinking about trying the Trading Places Pass. I have looked on the CSS website, and from what I can gather, there is only one restaurant open for lunch -- the "Beach Grill." Am I missing something? It doesn't look like CSS has a buffet type lunch like CN or CTI has. Maybe the CSS grill isn't like CN or CTI (which I love, but my stomach can't always take fried foods). Can anyone shed some light on the lunch food availability at CSS? Thanks!!

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    There is a buffet style lunch at the Palazzina restaurant also. You must have not read completely.
    From the website:
    Palazzina Restaurant HIDE RESTAURANT

    Hearty bistro fare from around the world is featured here in a festive sea breeze setting. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the food includes both buffet and table service and ranges from fresh omelets to coconuts to escargot. The fun is in the bold mix of bistro-style sauces to wasabi on grilled vegetables. Always served by a warm and smiling staff, you will certainly enjoy your time spent at Palazzina either inside or on our wonderful terrace. But, make sure to save room for our delectable dessert selection from our pastry chef who was named "Best in Jamaica" in 2004.
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    Palazzina is open for lunch and it is a buffet with salads, entrees, desserts and a cooking station with fresh pasta dishes made to order. Complete beverage service including wine. Unlike the beach grill, T-shirts for men and cover-ups for the ladies are required and no wet swimwear is allowed. Enjoy!

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    The Palazzina restaurant is open with a buffet lunch at CSS. AND, it is perhaps the most beautiful setting for a restaurant anywhere in the Caribbean. You will love the view, and enjoy the excellent food, and service! While you are at CSS for the day, make sure you get around to see as much of the grounds as possible. Go up to the mineral pool, and ride the elevator up to G block. Soak in the views of the ocean from there, then walk down the stairs past all the massage huts. Make sure you walk to the pond at the back of A block, and take a stroll over to Sunset Beach. There's so much beauty at CSS, wouldn't want you to miss any of it!

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    Palazzina has a very nice buffet lunch. The beach grill serves later in the day though. We would often make up a plate of salad or appetizers at the buffet and bring if over to the beach grill...especially if one menu appealed to me and the other to the SO!!

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    There are 3 lunch options, the beach grill, the buffet at Pallazino (different theme each day Mexican, chinese, Italian, etc) or grill/buffet at SSB.


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    Once you hit the beach at SS you will not want to go farther that the beach grill and the bar. The Jerk and Patties are great. Stay away from the steak sandwich, unless you order it with extra meat.

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    I totally missed that!! I read the opening times of the restaurants (which read opened daily from 6:30pm) and should have read the entire description. That's very good news -- thank you all!

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