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    Default room category at CN

    any benefit to have one over another? which is the best room? we have finally narrowed it down to the hotel now were debating on the room any insight?

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    The only difference in the rooms is their location. Inside, the rooms are identical. The suites are twice the size of the rooms and offer a bathroom with a separate shower and spa tub, a balcony with hammock, hors d'ouevres delivered to your suite each late afternoon/early evening, and the opportunity to have dinner served in your room.
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    Personally, I don't see any reason to upgrade & pay the extra $$$'s unless money is not a problem & you really need a larger room to feel like you're on vacation. We always just get the gardenview room at CN & that's fine because we are hardly in our room at all. From 6:30 am to 5:00 pm we're out & about other than coming in to take a shower & nap (or whatever ) if it's raining. We're there long enough most days to clean up for sunset, drinks, dinner, etc. & get back in & go to bed. Nothing at CN is very far because the resort is very compact so that is not an issue. There is a lot of trees & plants at CN so there aren't a lot of great views of the ocean anyway from your rooms so gardenview is not a problem. The gardens are very pretty. I'd say, don't stress over the room.

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    I Agree with Maxernie. We had an upper floor Garden Room and we did not hang out in it all that much. Never once turned on the TV cuz there's an iPod dock so... Kept the doors open at night to sleep to the tree frogs and that was wonderful. Minibar was fine. Bathroom/Shower were fine. Agree that at CN things are close enough that where your room is on the resort property really didn't matter at all. We were over by the tennis courts which acted as a buffer from the road noise. Where we were on CN property, each morning the servers would stream out around the same time in single file with breakfast room service on silver covered platters. That's a picture I missed but would've liked to have gotten. I slept so good, I was hardly ever awake at that hour. Plus I had the satisfaction of having kept just a few bucks in my pocket. Spent the extra money on local art.

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    Hi there.

    My husband and I are the other way.

    We pay extra for a beach front room. We enjoy mornings and evenings on the patio and like to see the ocean. We request a first floor because you wan walk right off your patio onto the sand. But that's just us. We are "room" people. I bet most are not.


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    We also get the garden view room. Maxernie hit the nail on the head. You are hardly in your room at all and we just don't see the necessity to spend the extra money. Plus reserving the garden view room allows us to save money and stay an extra day or so. We have also taken the saved money and flown the Tim Air flight over to Negril. One year we saved the money and spent it on artwork that now hangs in our house to remind us of beautiful Bloody Bay.
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    I agree with Maxernie and Drinkuth (I love that name by that way!) --- stay at the lowest priced room category and stay an extra day (or two)!!! Anyway you decide, you cannot go wrong traveling to CN! Enjoy.

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    Love the garden rooms in building 4, upper floor. A beautiful, tranquil and quiet setting. It's a great place for breakfast before you start the day.
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    Last 3 trips we stayed in deluxe beachfront rooms. Just returned and we stayed in an oceanview room. Saved some money by downgrading but got to stay an extra night. The beachfront rooms were literally steps away from our oceanview room.

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    I know that this is not what Randy and his team like to hear, but we prefer to book the garden room for the simple reason that I would rather save on the room and stay longer or get a massage or two more. All the rooms are great! 127 days and counting (can't wait to get to the double digit dance)

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    When we were there in October, we chose a beachfront room (bldg 6), second floor....loved it! Loved being able to sit on the balconey in the morning with fresh coffee and watch the world come awake. We are going back in November and will pay the extra couple of hundred to have beachfront again...hopefully in bldg 6 again. Love CN!!!

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    trust me, been to CN 5 times, don't waste the time upgrading
    for the little time you spend in there. the jump in rooms is exspensive and unnessary

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    Very interesting dynamics tend to take place whenever the discussion regarding types of rooms to book pops up. As is the case with this particular thread, usually just about everyone who responds suggests to book the lowest category possible because you really don't spend that much time in the room anyway. Therefore, why not save the money and use the savings toward some other activity, excursion, shopping, whatever. Sound advice? Sure, it worked for us, as we ended up booking a Garden room for our stay at CN, altho we did splurge a bit more by choosing a Premier room while at CTI. Still, that's hardly top of the line, category-wise.

    However, and here's where the interesting dynamics take place, when Randymon brought out the now infamous (and CLOSED) subject asking if folks would be willing to pay an additional fee to guarantee a specific room or building, amazingly about half the respondents said they would love this. I would have bet beforehand that the ratio of folks not wanting to see this implemented vs those who did would have been about 90-10, instead of the almost 50/50 it ended up becoming. This suggests that a greater number of folks place much more emphasis on room type and location than one normally would tend to believe.

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