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    Default Hazelnut Coffemate

    Is there coffeemate available at couples or half and half this is the way I drink my coffee every morning and I am not used to anything else. Please advise

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    Sorry, but there is no half and half or coffeemate, you can however, buy the little portable ones and pack them.

    Better yet....try some rum cream......YUMMY!!!

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    Flavored creamer in Blue Mountain goodness?

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    If you are looking for Hazelnut Coffeemate, you better bring it with you. I don't think you will find it at Couples. Not sure about the half and half thought, I know they have cream, not sure if it is whole or half/half.

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    To my remembrance, coffee is served only with milk. Last year I brought a little baggie of Coffeemate singles with me as I love flavored coffee.

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    I also love my coffeemate, sadly they do not have it. Last year I brought the individuals with me or you could ask for condensed milk it is sweet milk that they use for the porrange. It is usally avail upon request

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    My wife and I also enjoy half and half in our coffee. We were a little disappointed that Couples (CN) only served milk in their coffee. Next time we thought we might try going to a convience store for our own half and half. Just a suggestion.

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    Try rum creme in your coffee.

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    You'd better bring along your own hazelnut coffee mate if it's a personal requirement. They don't have stuff like that. No half & half either, although other coffee purists have obtained some cream from the bar and mixed it with their milk.

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    We are currently at CSS and they DO have half & half... the little tubs by HooD and that is what is served with room service coffee. The restaurants offer milk and cream. As far as flavors we have at different times brought up a shot of Kalua, Baileys, Frangelico (hazlenut n cream!!!)OR Amaretto for the REAL flavor!!!(But it doesn't need it at all!!!)

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    Try it black you;ll never go back Couples uses blue mountain coffee one some of the best coffee in the world a creamer actually ruiuns the coffee.

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    I am with you Ken..

    Black is the best with good coffee, you need nothing else especially with Blue Mountain (I am drinking some right now).

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    as my grandmother used to say once you go black you don't go back and she loved her coffee too

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