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    Default CSS & CSA experts: one lunch, so where do we eat?

    For our trip to CTI and CN next month, we hope to take advantage of the TP program and visit CSS and CSA, respectively.

    While it's possible we may have more than one meal while at each resort, I'm guessing we'll probably limit ourselves to just lunch. So with that being said, I turn to my CSS and CSA experts. Knowing the resorts as you know them, if you can only dine once at each, and keep in mind we're talking lunch for the most part, where would you pick and why?

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    Ron & Rosa - given only one opportunity for lunch at CSA, I would definitely try Seagrapes! Why? It's a light option and they have the best sweet potato chips and black bean hummus dip (have yet to find hummus here in the States that I like). I usually ate lunch at the grill but it's not really trying anything new unless you are in the mood for some jerk chicken or a pattie. We never did eat at the Palms or Patois for lunch since we usually ate lunch after being on the beach all morning and then headed for the pool. Whatever you try - you will be sure to enjoy!

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    CSA - Seagrapes, hands down. You can sit outside right by the beach. You can get the sweet potato chips. There are great veggie dishes but also some meat options too. The snapper sandwich is out of this world. I think they no longer have that every day, but I've heard that they also have fish tacos that are great too.

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    Unless I'm mistaken (and someone will correct me if I am!!), the Trading Places program is only for repeaters. First time guests can purchase a day pass for something like 75$ least they used to be able to. Based on your posts, I was under the impression that you are preparing for your first visit and so would not be eligible.

    That said...At CSS your choices for lunch are the buffet at Palazzina or the beach grill (or the grill at Sunset Beach if you want AN). The beach grill always smells yummy, but it depends on what you like. It is easy to peruse the menu, then stroll over to the buffet to see if anything calls to you. They are fairly close to each other and we've been known to bring a plate from the buffet over to supplement the grill menu!

    Haven't been to CSA since they opened the new restaurants, so no advice there. Have a great time on your trip!!



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    Ron & Rosa,

    At CSS their are really only 2 choices for lunch...the Palazzina restaurant and the Beach Grill. Palazzina offers an excellent buffet style lunch while the Beach Grill has great jerk pork and chicken. Since you can get jerk chicken or pork at other places the Palazzina would be the thing to try while there. We've not been to CSA yet, so can't answer your question for that resort, but will be correcting for that in just 18 days!!!

    Enjoy your visit!

    Bart & Bug

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    At CSA hand down Sea Grapes. If they have the snapper try that. Also ask to try some of the different fruits they have. They will gladly cut up some Jack fruit, and my new favorite--sweet sop. As long as it's in season and they have behind the counter.
    Some of it looks really strange, but try it--you'll like it!

    At CSS I do like the beach grill, right on the water's edge. For a new spin ask them to cut open one of the beef patties and put some cheese on it----yum!

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    For CSS, try Palazzina. It's so nice sitting outside on the terrace. However, you will need a coverup and you can't be wearing a wet bathing suit for Palazzina. The buffet is very nice at Palazzina, and the views from the terrace are lovely.

    For CSA, I am going to vote for Patois Patio. It is different than the buffet at lunch at the Palms. It is still open air. Again, though, you can't wear a wet bathing suit to Patois. Sea Grapes is lovely for lunch, too, but the menu is very limited (but we loved the fish tacos and chips).

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    Thanks for all the helpful responses gang. I knew I could count on you for sage advice.

    Of course we'll play it by ear and see what happens when we arrive at each place, but for now it does look like at CSS, Palazzina is the way to go and for CSA, Sea Grapes gets the nod.

    I really hope we can visit both resorts. When we were selecting our two locales to stay, we really had a tough time choosing because each has its own style and charm. It sure would be nice to visit all four properties in our Jamaica/Couples debut!

    Thanks again.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    Another vote for the snapper sandwich at CSA's Sea Grapes. OUTSTANDING!!! I think we had it three times during our one week visit.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    Patois Patio for lunch! AND then Seagrapes for a snack before or after lunch!

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    At CSA you should go to Sea Grapes and get the sweet potato chips and dips for an appetizer. Then, you should go to Patois Patio for one of their grilled pizzas. At the end of the day on you way out, you can always get something small and quick a the Beach Grill. Have a blast.

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    Default CSA Patois Patio for Lunch

    Hi -
    Sorry I'm late with my answer, but I have to say -

    At CSA - Go t Patois Patio and have their PIZZA!! It's the best pizza, made fresh to order, and, frankly, you'll be craving good pizza at some point!

    CN has pizza, but it's not freshly made for you - it's like the convenience store type in a hot-box.

    CSA's pepperoni pizza is gooey, stringy, and served too hot to eat.

    Whatever you choose, you'll enjoy your food at CSA.


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    Here is what I would do at CSA, have lunch at patois at noon or 1, and then at 3:30 go get some chips from seagrapes. I love the fact that at CSA, you never have to eat a buffet.

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    I just knew I should have never asked this question, especially for CSA. Pizza at Patois......snapper sandwich at Sea Grapes.....I'm so confused!!!

    Hehehe, nothing like a tough decision, eh? Rosa and I may have to pull off a Solomonesque solution and split a pizza AND the snapper sammy. The ol' have our cake and eat it too approach. Oh, and it's not that I don't have the capacity to eat each one completely on my own, but I want to make sure I have plenty of room for dinner when we return back to CN for the evening.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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