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    Default Concerns CN is too quiet?

    Hi Everyone

    With 22 days to go until our arrival at CN (first time) we are very excited...but to be honest, a little concerned that it is a quieter resort than what we are expecting? Of course we are looking for some romantic time together but we are also looking to cut loose and have some fun! Afterall, we are on vacation. I realize many of you have been several times and therefore know what to expect, but for us newbies it's hard to know what the atmosphere is around the resort? To be honest, lately the reviews I've been reading describe this resort as a little dull? Does this resort have a social scene or do people tend to stick more to themselves? I understand there is entertainment in the evening but do people go or is this a "in bed by 9:00" kind of place? We are rarely up later then 12:00 (the sun tires us out too much) so we are not looking for that wild, crazy party scene (we wouldn't have chosen this resort if we were) but do enjoy some post dinner cocktails (and if the mood strikes perhaps a few too many ha ha) and are concerned that we may find ourselves looking for things to do after the sun goes down. I realize that much of this depends on the guests who will be there during the stay but in your experience do you find this to be a more "low key" experience then some of the other Couples Resorts? Again, I know this is all subjective and difficult to appreciate what we are hoping for but any feedback would be appreciated.

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    CN strikes the right balance.
    Some people prefer more social areas with dancing/music, etc. while others prefer a more serene relaxed atmosphere. You can have both, though CN is definitely not a wild party destination.

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    At CN you more or less have to create your own party. In our trips it doesnt quiet down by 10:30 11 ish. What you may wish to do is break up the week by heading to long bay for a night of live reggae and then out to the west end to do a pub crawl at some of the more local colorful places. We have found if you can build rapport via the message board adn the frist day or 2 you will never be lacking have fun

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    We were at CN in November and I know that the resort was no where near the capacity it will be when you are there, and there was plenty to do. The great thing about Couples is that everyone is having fun, they are with their SO and very relaxed and it is easy to sit and strike up a conversation with someone. We typically are not late night, but were usually up till about 11 each night, mostly in the piano bar and around the beach bar, just sitting and talking to people.

    There is plenty of activity and things to do. I think some people come expecting to go, go, go. That is not what the design of Couples is, but it is a very friendly place. No kids and couples only, plus the alcohol, seem to make everyone very easy to approach and talk. You will have a blast!

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    Default Its gonna be a great week.

    Dont worry, theres something going on most nights. end your day at the pool bar thats where everyone kinda meets later in the afternoon, they serve drinks at the piano bar till the last person leaves, one year we left the piano bar at about 3am and went to the hot tub til the sun was coming up. See ya in a few weeks. Mike

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    Kris, being a fellow newbster, I can't advise from an experience standpoint, so the vets can better fill you in, altho I suspect they'll pretty much state the standard line, in that it's the crowd who's there when you are that will determine how much fun or lack thereof it will be. I'm guessing if 20 or 30 couples who share your views are there at the same time, then there should be some later hours partying going on.

    I can say this tho. After extensive research, I came to the conclusion that Couples is not a frat party waiting to happen. And that's fine by me. After all, the name of the resort is Couples, not Grouples. Yes, we expect to socialize and make some new friends, share some laughs and maybe even let out a yeehaw or two at the singalong bar or locale where there may be some dancing (and I can assure you if there is some dancing taking place, we'll be out there cutting a rug). But we don't expect it to be like a non-stop party or a scream-a-thon akin to the days when my roomies and I use to throw some wild - and I mean WILD - parties. This is a chance for Rosa and I to connect with some serious us time during our stay.

    I hope you find your trip to be a nice combo, but I would advise to temper the expectations of the more wilder aspects of it, if for no other reason than to avoid setting yourself up for disappointment.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    Your vacation will be what you make of it. Go to the piano bar and you'll probably find some people there that like to sing and have a good time. My husband and I did, and it was fun-even though I hardly drank or "partied" at all. If you're looking for a crazy time, Negril might have a bus to Margaritaville-in that case you'll have lots of fun, I'm sure. I've heard that people on the nude beaches are a little bit more laid back and like to have a good time, so you might end up hooking up with them after hours. My husband and I are "loners" and didn't want to experience a big crowd because we are both in education and need the down time that the summer provides. One of the entertainment staff asked us if everything was ok because he said, "I've seen you, but not really seen you." He was referring to us being off on our own all the time! It's just who we are. You'll have a great time, and remember Negril gets the sunsets so you'll have a much more raucous night life then we did at CTI!

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    Sun Kissed

    You will find a little of everything at CN. The piano bar doesn't close until the last person leaves.

    Check out the list of activities and you'll find a little of everything for everyone.

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    I am a newbie as well. If you were going to be there July 2 - 11 I could assure you that Me and my wife would help you close down the bars (lol)! From everything I gathered you can find what ever it is you are looking for. You may have to venture off the reservation if you get too bored, but getting out and seeing Negril, a little, is probably in your plans anyway. CN sounds exactly like the place we have been looking for. Just enough action to make it enjoyable, but enough privacy for us to catch up on all the..... "*Stuff*" we have missed out on during the last 25 years of putting our Kids First!

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    Don't worry, mon! We had a blast at CN last year and stayed up each night until at least midnight. We loved the dance parties in the piano room and loved swimming late at night too. We met lots of friends to hang out with. Some went to bed early and some stayed's totally up to you. They will keep the piano bar open as long as there are customers there, so you can party as late as you want.
    Can't wait to get back this summer!

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    I wouldn't describe CN as 'dull'. There is always plenty to do. Around 8:30pm every night the house band will start up and play to about 10:30 - 11:00pm, then the party moves to the piano bar where you can "cut a rug" or whatever you wish to do until you can no longer keep your eyes open. The bar stays open until the last person leaves. You will have the opportunity to meet many new friends at the piano bar and be as lively as you wish.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    No way!!! My wife and I are considered to be party animals. We love CN!! I will say a small percent of the guests are still rolling at 11pm but the ones that are like me and Kelly are still drinking and dancing. For the most part and i mean about 90% of the guests are very approachable and love to party. we always meet new groups of people that we still stay in contact with year after year. Some people go to be alone and if it strikes you to do that there are places for you to go and have some alone time. I will say that the pool bar does many of folk in and is probably responsible for some folks having to call it an early night. Shots in the afternoon can takes its toll I have been up to 3am in the piano bar singing with my friends I just made. If your looking for spring break it is not. If your looking for a great time and GREAT people than this is the place for you. Anyways the best sun is early in the day so getting in the sack around midnight would probably be your best bet.

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    We have been to CN the past two years in a row. I'm 40 and my husband is 38. We love CN because of all the fun people that we meet each year. In 2009 we met some awesome folks from England, another couple from Scotland, and made some new friends in Florida and Atlanta. This year it seem like it was all Canadians and again we had a blast! The great thing we like about CN as opposed to CTI is they way the resort is laid out. The pool is like the central area and most every afternoon you will get a great crowd by the pool bar. Usually after dinner, we would sit at the main bar and let Carrie and Marlon (our fav bartenders) entertain us while we listened to the band. Again, that is kind of where people that want to hang out go. It's very easy to strike up conversations and just enjoy yourself. Make sure you have a Rum Cream...perfect after dinner drink! After that if you are still feeling up to it, there is always something going on in the Piano Bar and it doesn't close until the last person leaves. Or after Carrie and Marlon close up...go to the beach bar which closes at midnight and hang with Franklin and the gang working that bar.
    The point is that you can be social as much or as little as you want. It is not the kind of place that shuts down at 9, but it's not like a big spring break either. It's adults on vacation having fun with a nice mix of repeaters to show you the ropes as well as other newbies to explore with. I promise you that you will have the best time.

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    We are going back to CN for our fifth trip. Last year, we met five couples on the shuttle bus in that were the most fun people we had ever met. We had so much fun with these guys whenever we wanted it. I also think the resort has a lot to do day or night. I tried to get into everything and couldn't do it. Too much! You will see that there seems to be something going on at the resort at all times. I am a doer but I became so relaxed while I was there.I couldn't drag myself off the beach sometimes. You are going to LOVE this place!

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    I will respond as a repeater been to couples the last 7 yrs. CN is what you make it, and more improtant, is based on the rest of the people there. CN offers plenty for you to partake of, but they cannt force people to go. They offer nightly entertainment in the main resturant, which includes all the dancing you want to do till about 10 pm. Then at 10:30 every night something is going on in the piano bar, either kareokee, or Disco night, os a sing along with Paul ( the best ) Policy at the piano bar is they do not close it till the last customer leaves. I have been there nights where it was closed at 11:30 pm and I have been there where it closed at 6 am, its all upto the clientel.

    Not knowing what you are looking to do, I would also suggest that you can be adventurous and go off resort. The Jungle nightclub, about 5 miles down the road ( $8 in a cab ) is a gas but doesnt start up till 11 pm. Best is thursday through Sat. Thursday is ladies night. ( No way my wife lets me go there alone )

    We also love to go to 7 mile beach and walk the beach stopping at many of the more local bars etc on the beach.

    CN is what ever you make of it, have fun

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    No Worries! CN is a lot of Fun! Actually it's Paradise!! There is as much or as little as you and your honey want to do... All Day and Late into the Night. When people say it's quiet, they prob mean that it is a nice classy resort - not a lot of shouting or craziness, but it's anything but dull. The resort is Terrific, the Beach is Absolutely Gorgeous, Restaurants open early and close late.... Bars open at 10 a.m. and stay open all day and late into the night (pool bar and grill bar open early, Cassava Bar opens at lunch; but Champagne and Vodka are out on the bar at Breakfast, then Cassava/Main Bar opens again lunchtime-stays open couple of hours, and opens again before dinner and closes around 11pm... after that head back to the grill bar or up to the piano bar).....
    There are activities posted each and every day that you can participate in and even earn "funny money" for free auctions later in the week (3 each week and lots and lots of Fun), Beach Volleyball, Pool Volleyball, Crafts - make your own beaded jewelry (Free!) exercise classes of all types, ping pong, pool, tennis, Fashion Shows, dance lessons, cooking and cocktail mixing classes, ice sculpturing, bingo, even do a little shopping on the beach, etc.etc....
    You can just relax or play until you drop., lots of really nice and friendly people, lots and lots of delicious food, delicious cocktails, good bands, dancing every night....
    And I'm sure I've left some things out...
    Of course, sun bathing, swimming, snorkeling, scuba, glass bottom boat, catamaran, and you could always walk that beautiful beach..... and of course quality time with the love of your life!
    It doesn't get any better than Negril, Jamaica And CN!!
    Be prepared to have the time of your life!!
    Art xo Francine

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    Default Concerns CN is to quiet

    my wife and I went to CN last feb. and one of the best memories for us is dancing at the disco late night. You will find that some peolpe will get their second wind after they eat. The disco stays open until the last people leave and they have all the music you request.


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    We were there last week and the only dull thing about CN is you have to come home.

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    Default See you there!

    Quote Originally Posted by mjd View Post
    Dont worry, theres something going on most nights. end your day at the pool bar thats where everyone kinda meets later in the afternoon, they serve drinks at the piano bar till the last person leaves, one year we left the piano bar at about 3am and went to the hot tub til the sun was coming up. See ya in a few weeks. Mike
    Hi Mike...thanks for the info, feeling better already! Perhaps we'll see you in the hot tub, sounds like a great way to end a day in paradise.

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    Default Bring it on baby!

    Thank you so much for giving me a glimpse into the fabulous time we are about to have. I feel sooo much better about our decision. We are in no means looking for the "March break" experience...I'm afraid those days are over. Ha Ha. I think we have found the perfect combination of both class, sophistication and fun. It's hard, because many resort that are a little more "upscale" have not been able to figure the formula out...and are what I call "sleepy" resorts (I'm sure some of you know what I mean by that). I love the idea of listening to live music, doing a little dancing, enjoying drinks in a tot tub, and enjoying the company of each other. And in exactly 20 days, that is exactly what we will be doing...bring it on I say

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    regarding the message about the afternoon pool is soooo true. The AI's I have been to there are always some people that have been at the bar ALL AFTERNOON and you hardly ever see them past 7pm...and the ones you do see late night you what a trooper...he/she was completely smashed 4 hours ago! I have a routine now...after sunset...NAP, then get up, get dressed, get some dinner, then your good to go and energized for the rest of the night! I always go out in Negril, there is something on the beach every night of the one person suggested Jungle (nightclub), live music Sun/Tue/Thur at Alfreds and Mon/Sat Bourbon Beach. All a short taxi ride away...less than 5 minutes.

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    There was dancing on the piano in the piano bar when I was there, I dont think that is dull!!! The more participation the more the fun, do something crazy and wild others will probably follow ( piano got crowded) you have to make your fun, its there if you want it.

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    You will LOVE CN!!!! You will have no trouble meeting other couples & becoming friends. There are some GREAT people there. We have been to CSA (1X) & CSS (1X) & CN (4X) & they are kind of the same ........ you can have as much fun as you want to have & there are always fun people to visit with & that can go on as late as you want it to. You're not looking for "Spring Break" madness so CN should be perfect. No worries ........ you've chosen well. We're counting the days until we can return to CN in September. 164 Days!!!!

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