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    Default Attn; N.E. Par-taa people

    Predicted high temperature for Saturday March 20,2010 70 degrees

    See you all at the pool


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    Sounds great! See you there!

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    I'll be out riding my northern VT, along Lake Champlain, amidst the maple trees with sap dripping into the pails, which is beautiful scenery, don't get me wrong, but also dreaming about CTI as I pedal! 45 more days!
    BTW, so far the sap is just running like crazy this year!

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    I told you all that the Randymon would be bringing us up warm weather!!!!

    First day of spring and we got JAMAICA FEVER!

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    See you there.

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    That sounds pretty cool for Jamaica! Is this typical? We will be there in 21 days and I'm hoping for some HOT SUN!!!

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    Finally the sun has come out here at the Jersey Shore! Seems like the longest winter on record. Just have to be careful what you say to loud----March is the trickster month.

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    That's not the temperature for Jamaica! That's for our 2nd Annual New England/Jamaica PAR TAA comming up this saturday the 20th in Plymouth Bay.

    The Randymon promised he would send us up some warm weather.


    You have skis on that bike still?

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    I though Kim & I brough the warm weather back from Jamaica 2 weeks ago! . The Jamaica tan is starting to fade, but still have some left.

    Looking foward to seeing everyone this weekend.

    PS we didn't bring all the rain we got last weekend. It came from the midwest.

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    Looking forward to meeting everyone. We may not be able to get there too early but we WILL be there!

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    Peggy and I hope ALL of you have an outstanding time...We will be thinking of you.

    Hugs from 10 0 C

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    No skis needed RDYJMJM, , lately the weather has been breaking from 40's to now 50's. Sat. to be almost 60. Then back to reality next week. But in 44 days, to fantasy!

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    Check in time 2:30 PM

    Meet N Greet poolside 2:30 PM until 6:30 PM

    Banquet room open for us Coupleholics 6:30 PM until 11 PM.
    Dinner served around 7:00 PM

    Radisson Pub open afterwards and has a live band.

    Sunday morning breakfast for those who make it and get up 9:00 AM.

    Sorry TW no Continental Breakfast delivery.

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    Can't wait to see everyone tomorrow!! A beautiful day for beautiful people!!!!

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    Looking forward to a great time with some great people. Let's bring a little bit of that JA spirit to New England. See you all soon. (Kim & John: our tans are fading, too. But the spirit hangs on.)

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    Have A WONDERFUL Time!!! ENJOY!!! We'll be thinking of you having ALL that Fun!!!
    Art xo Francine

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    What a time!!!!!

    Pictures are posted on Yahoo and a new post on here.

    I'm interested in hearing of all the Couples PAR TAA's across the USA that are being planned.

    If you plan it, they will come.

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    The party was a blast! It was so great to meet everyone!

    Here are a couple of pics that we took... JamerAsian will probably be posting more. =)

    Here's a pic of the group

    Me with Rich & Sylvia

    Randymon & Seandymon

    Sophanny (JamerAsian) with her receipts... who knew hats made good shoulder warmers?

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    Default Thank You

    Thank You for hosting the party. We had a great time. As usual with everything "Couples" it was a great mix of people and always a very friendly group who can make strangers feel welcome! Can't wait for next year. I think we'll spend the weekend.

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    If you have a lot of pictures please share them by sending them to my email


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    Just wanted to thank everyone for making Mike and I feel so welcome at the N.E. ParTaa. We did not make it last year and we did not know a single couple there. Within two minutes we were made to feel like part of the group; everyone was so friendly!
    A special thank you to Jim (and his wife Jean) for planning the whole event and to Linda for greeting us so warmly upon our arrival. We had a great time and hope to see you all again.
    Pat & Mike Adrian

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    Thanks to everyone who made it such a great day, and special thanks to Jim for all of his hard work. We had a great time ! Thanks for our poster Richie it was a nice touch. Thanks to Randy, Sean, and Darin for taking the time to continue to make Couples so special.
    Pat and Mike

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    can someone tell me what this was about --?

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    Thanks to everyone who contributed to making our 2nd Annual NE PAR TAA a huge success. Thanks especially to Jim for once again planning the party for us. Thanks to Richie for another fabulous piece of art to add to our Couples memorabilia. Thanks Randy, Sean, and Darin for joining us in Plymouth. And finally, thanks to everyone who attended and shared some JA spirit and hugs! See you all next year if not before in JA.

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    This was the fruits of our 2nd Annual New England/Jamaica Par Taa that we put together.

    A group of us Coupleholics came together for an evening of friendship and we were fortunate to have Randymon, Seandymon and Darin, all of Couples Resorts, attend.

    If you plan a get together of Coupleholics make sure you invite the Randymon.

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