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    Default Starting the mornings at CSA?

    My wife and I will be at CSA the middle of April. What is the best way to start each day? Do you have to rush to get a beach lounge? Is coffee available in the rooms? If not where do you get it early? What hours do they serve breakfast? Etc...

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    At CSA we start the day with a knock at the door and room service breakfast being delivered! We eat First Breakfast on the verandah and potter about packing a beach bag for the day. Then we head off to the Patois for Second Breakfast. After this we find some chairs with nice shade, plant a flag in the sand and take some pastries out of the beach bag and snack on Third Breakfast- also known as Dessert Breakfast.

    There should be a coffe maker in the room, but if you get First Breakfast delivered they can bring you a pot of coffee, I think they start delivering around 6am.

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    The best way to start the day for me is to hit the gym. CSA's cardio equipment and weight machines are in an open-air gym, and it can be too hot to work out there in the afternoon.

    Some people rush out at dawn to reserve chairs, but you don't have to. We had no problem finding a perfect spot on the beach each morning with me in the shade and my husband in the sun.

    There is a small coffee maker in the room, and coffee and a continental breakfast are available at the Palms beginning at 5:30 a.m. A full breakfast is served at the Palms from 7:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. and at Patois Patio from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

    For more information on restaurants, click on the tab for CSA above, then select the link for "Dining & Restaurants."
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    Best is relative. Best for us is waking up between 7 and 8 and then hitting the gym. Then we come back to the room and get ready for the beach, put on our suits, sunblock, put the beach bag together. Then go to breakfast and then hit the beach for the day.

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    I get up at 7:00 and go for a run down the beach. My wife is up around 8:00 and we enjoy “1st breakfast “on the verandah. We get dressed in our workout clothes and go to “2nd breakfast” at the Palms or Patois. We then head for the fitness center and play a couple of games of racquetball to work of “1st" and "2nd breakfast”. Drinking high mountain coffee is a must sometime during breakfast. This is the only time I drink coffee all year.

    Reserving a spot on the beach depends on the time of the year and the crowd. We had problems this year for the first time. I think it was because we were there during a peak time. The beach does clear out in the afternoon and there is plenty of shade, or sun, to go around.

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    I start the day off with an early visit to the gym, as soon as it's light enough to see as it is open air. I then head back to our room and wake up my husband in time for room service to deliver our 1st breakfast of blue mountain coffee and papaya which we enjoy on our balcony.

    Then it is off to the Palms to see what's cooking there followed by the rest of the day at the beach and in the water - BLISS!

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    Wake up at 7
    Throw towels on some charis to reserve your favorite spot
    Get to the gym by 7:15 to 7:30 (machines were crowded by 7:30-8)
    Work out for an hour
    Swim a few laps to cool off
    Relax with a juice or espresso/coffee
    Put on swimsuit

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    This is HILARIOUS! I thought my husband and I were the only one who did "first" and "second breakfast".

    Our perfect day would be to hit the gym each morning which we always promise we will do. However, from the spirits and late night before, we typically wake up to room service delivering "first breakfast" of coffee and dh's cereal. We then drop off our towels on our favorite spot on the beach and head over for a light second breakfast (mine typically including that morning mimosa!)

    Like smoo72 said, it is all relative. Whatever your ideal way to start the day, Couples will make it available.

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    How many of you eat 1st and 2nd breakfast and then eat lunch and dinner.

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    We eat First, Second, and Dessert breakfast. Then we usually swim all day and eat a late dinner, skipping lunch most of the time.

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    Haha! We always have 1st and 2nd breakfast at CSA!

    1st breakfast is delivered to the room by 7 - coffee and pastries. We pack for the beach, and then 2nd breakfast at the Palms is the full meal for hubby; a bagel, fruit and a mimosa for me. Then off to workout for as long as we can stand it, dip in the pool, then off to the beach! Lunch on the beach around 2, back to the room around 4. Showers, naps, and get ready for dinner around 8. After dinner, we either go back to the room or wander around sampling the night life, depending on how tired we are.

    I was only going to put how we start the morning....but I just couldn't leave the rest out! LOL
    26 days until CSA for the 3rd time!

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    For me? A carafe of coffee, a walk along the beach (several times), and just taking in the beach as it comes to life. For my bride? Sleeping in... she's on vacation, after all!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Going to the gym? That sounds like the first way to wreck the day! Seriously? You're on vacation at the most beautiful place in the world and you're going to head to the gym? If you want to exercise you have a 7mile beach to walk, jog, or swim. C'mon folks. Oh, and the multiple breakfast idea rocks. But save room for the tasty lunch at either the Cabana Grill or Sea Grapes.

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    We do!

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    We get continental breakfast in the morning. Blue mountain coffee, fruit, and pastries on the verandah as we watch the resort wake-up. It can't get any better than that. Then my husband goes to the gym (sometimes I go with him to have a suped uped smoothie at the gym bar) and I start getting ready for the beach. When he gets back, he gets his suit on and then we do 2nd breakfast at the Palms or Patios. Then it's off to the beach! We have never had a problem getting loungers on the beach. After we hang at the beach, we hit the swim up bar to party in the afternoon and then it's back to the room for a nap. Boy, now I really want to be there. CSA ROCKS!!!!

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    We started the morning with coffee in the room and then a big breakfast in the Palms. A man played Redemption Song on a cello while we ate breakfast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kazd View Post
    How many of you eat 1st and 2nd breakfast and then eat lunch and dinner.
    We do! Well, I order coffee and fruit from room service, then head down to the regular breakfast about an hour later. Then lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, late night snack
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    Quote Originally Posted by kbrennan1018 View Post
    Going to the gym? That sounds like the first way to wreck the day! Seriously? You're on vacation at the most beautiful place in the world and you're going to head to the gym? If you want to exercise you have a 7mile beach to walk, jog, or swim. C'mon folks. Oh, and the multiple breakfast idea rocks. But save room for the tasty lunch at either the Cabana Grill or Sea Grapes.
    Not all of us are blessed with metabolisms that allow them to skip the gym. Even with going to the gym every day, I average a pound a day gain on vacation. Plus....I like it. Working out relaxes me and makes me feel better the rest of the day. Running on the beach hurts my ankles due to the slope, walking doesn't cut it, and I don't swim well. To each his own. Some of us actually ENJOY the gym.

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    We do all of the meals as well, but I am hyperactive so we are always kayaking or something else. There is so much to do that it is hard for me to sit still. I swear that this time I am going to enjoy the fitness facilities at CSA - at least once....

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    The best way to start a day at CSA is to look over at the person laying next to you and smile. For us CSA is all about reconnecting and remembering how important we are to eachother. These days we see so many of our friends not being able to hang on to their relationships or even worse loosing the one they love and we are thankful every day that we still have eachother. CSA just makes being together more magical. I swear it is something in the air! Then you just lay there taking in the magic of Jamaica for a few moments, listen to the sounds of birds and waves and smell the tropical scents. Ahh, wish I was there right now!

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    Well said Northern gal

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    Northern gal -

    Our sentiments, exactly! As my bride and I look back on the last year, we find that both of our grown children have lost that spark in their marriages; and whether they had excessive expectations, lack of discipline, or just different outlooks, they've both, sadly, had to experience the pain of divorce.

    We feel terrible and a bit guilty about it, of course, but also very grateful and thrilled that we found the love, courage, fortitude and good fortune to survive to our upcoming 35th anniversary.

    Finding opportunities to return to SweptAway whenever we can doesn't hurt either... Vive le Couples!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    A walk on the beach and then "pump some iron" in the gym before breakfast works for us. Being in our 60's we don't think of muscle building, but more of maintaining and firming those muscle's that make us look younger. And with 2 total knee replacements, running/jogging doesn't work for me; and I am not a swimmer. In fact, when I use the pool at the health club I use snorkel equipment with a breast stroke for a half hour; but I wouldn't do this in the ocean. Also, 3 "lite" meals a day will suffice for us, though I will indulge in 2-3 drinks a day while on vacation. And I agree with the idea that was said about waking up each morning with your loved one next to you; that's always the best way to start your day and look forward to finishing it in a similar way.

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    My favorite way to start the day is to stumble over to the palms bleary eyed early and get a cup of coffee from their urns. I then take my coffee and yoga mat and wander out onto the sand and do about half an hour of yoga looking at the water and feeling the sun rise on my back.

    The back to the room for 1st breakfast of banana bread, fruit and coffee. I wake my spouse and we go for a big run on the beach. Then, it's off to the fitness center for weights or tennis or raquetball.

    Then to the Palms for 2nd breakfast... and by this time, we've earned it .

    The rest of the day is spent snorkeling or playing volleyball or just laying on the beach and reading.

    Lunch is optional. Then it's back to the room for a "nap." and a late dinner somewhere. Ahhhhh Swept Away.

    And for those who said that going to the gym is crazy.... Well, it's OUR vacation. We love it, and it's one of the things that we "connect" on. Makes our lives that much richer to spend that time together.

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    Chris, we too are watching one of our grown children go through ending a long term relationship right now. This year was supposed to be filled with wedding plans and now it is really looking like that won't happen. I sometimes think there isn't the amount of effort being put into relationships these days that is required. We too had many rocky times but I am so thankful that we kept working at our relationship through the years because we are now at a point where we are eachothers best friend and can enjoy every day together without all of the stressors that were on our relationship when we were raising children, struggling in our jobs etc. We seem to be in a society that is based on instant gratification and young couples don't know how to cope with challenges. It really made me appreciate the time I get to spend with my hubby when I heard the news about my son and his fiance.

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