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    Default Our Perfect Weddig at Couples Negril

    We had a blast at Couples Negril. So, I thought that I would share our wedding/honeymoon memories with you guys. I was planning on posting pictures but I am having some problems so if you want to see some pictures you can e-mail me at We stayed from February 21st 2010 to February 26th 2010 and were married on the 24th. We met some awesome people and made some great new friends.

    First of all the ride to the resort from the airport was interesting…enough said! Once we got to the resort the people were amazing and were so nice. They gave us a quick orientation and then took us to our rooms. Which were lovely, we really enjoyed sitting out on the balcony.


    The next day we met with our wedding coordinator, Kenisha to talk about our wedding details. I was pretty stressed out until we talked to her and she reassured us that getting married there was very easy and laid back and that we shouldn’t worry about anything. And she was right…it was so easy, it was almost unreal. They did everything for us. She was GREAT and very helpful and explained things to us very well! I love her to death!!! The only thing that we upgraded in our package was my flowers which we spent $50.00 and got a gorgeous bouquet that I fell I love with. I just wish that I could have brought it home L

    The ceremony was perfect and everything went smoothly. We were married at 5:00 on the beach and some people that we met earlier in the week watched us get married and took pictures of us. It was really neat! After the ceremony we went to the garden area to do our sand ceremony and have cake and champagne in the Gazebo, which was just gorgeous. Their were a total of 6 of us so they had enough chairs set up for all of us to eat cake together. We chose the vanilla cake and they put matching orange flowers on it to match my bouquet. The cake was really good and they later took the rest of it to our room for us to finish eating.

    After that, it was time to take our sunset pictures. I was so excited about this. We decided to use the resort photographer and I am very pleased with the pictures that we received. Our photographer had a great personality and she would take different poses that we requested to her. She did a great job J

    We had an Italian dinner that night and it was really good!

    The morning after we got married we picked out our wedding pictures. 24 came with our wedding package and we upgraded to 36 pictures for an extra $100.00, if my husband’s sister hadn’t taken pictures of our ceremony and cake cutting then we would have had to spend a lot more on pictures. They put all of our photos we chose in a nice photo album and it was ready the next day for us to pick up.

    We also got our couples massage this day, and we absolutely loved it. It was really relaxing and since we got married it was FREE.

    Some of our favorite things that we did during our trip were the Catamaran Cruise, which we loved. I have some funny pictures of me going down the slide! They stop the boat and let you swim in caves and stuff and it was a blast and the water was so pretty. They also serve you rum punch. We took lots of pics.

    Also we rode wave runners on the ocean one day and then later that night we went to Margarita Ville. It was really neat, but pretty pricey. There were 6 of us and our bill totaled to almost $300.00! And then we spent about $50.00 in the gift shop.

    We played water Volley Ball everyday at 2:00 in the pool with some crazy people that we love to death. If we missed hitting the ball that came to us we had to take a shot of something. It was honestly a great/interesting time.

    The only thing that we didn’t get to do was go snorkeling. The day we were signed up to go snorkeling the wind was really high and it made the water really rough so all the water sports were cancelled for that day.

    The food was good. We ate the breakfast buffet in the mornings and it was always really good. The have the bar set up where you can get smoothies and stuff like that. They always have fresh fruit out and it was always good. For lunch we would eat at the Beach Grill and if you wanted something that wasn’t on the menu then they guys would make it for you. They were always singing and dancing while they cooked your food. They had good sandwiches there too. My husband and I would actually take quite a few back to our room and put then in the fridge and eat them later that night when we got hungry. For dinner we would take turns eating at the different restaurants.

    They have computers so you can e-mail people back at home. I e-mailed my mom every other day while we were there. I probably wouldn’t have done this but we had 2 kids back at home so that was how I checked on them since they were back at home with my mom.

    Thursday night they had a beach party and had a fashion show.

    Bring lots of money for the vendors that set up on the beach. They have really neat stuff. We bought all kinds of jewelry.

    The drinks were good, but I think that they should be a little bit stronger. The only time I got a little bit tipsy was when my mother in law and I drank about 7 Bob Marley shots. That was a good day!

    We were sad to leave but also ready to come home to our kids, but it was an awesome time and we will be back!

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    It sounds like you had a great time! I emailed you for pictures We're planning our wedding at Couples Negril in November, and I'm so excited!! Thanks for sharing about your special day!

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    Congradulations and thanks for the great review, so glad you had a great time. We are getting married July 14th and are looking forward to it. Everything sounds fabulous.

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