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    We visited CN for the first time last September. Right after we had booked our trip some friends invited us to join them in Puerto Vallarta for a week. We have just returned from that trip. We stayed at a VERY nice resort and the weather and company was exceptional. A lovely stay all in all. I have decided to make a pretty simple comparison between the two. TOO MANY KIDS and TOO MANY CLOTHES!!! Plus while an all inclusive option was available to us at $200 a day, we didn't take part in it. Really enjoyed paying $7.50 each for those cocktails... Still have to say 85 and sunny everyday was a far cry better than the 40 and rain that we left behind. That being said, and given a choice, we'll be back HOME sooner rather than later...

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    Default Yep!!!!

    need anyone say more? couples, and especially, CN is the way to holiday!!!!

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    Yay, Lucy!! Maybe you can talk your friends into trying CN sometime??

    We stayed next door to CN (GL, now B) in Feb. While we really enjoyed our stay there, the min age is 16 and there were some fams w/teens. Also a few singles and some groups of women. Nothing wrong with that, but kind of takes away from the romantic vibe you get when at CN. Needless to say, we made a few trips past our favorite spot on the CN A/N beach.....Meesha wasn't working Took Scotty's advice and walked 7 Mile beach one day.....had a blast!! (Thanks, Scotty!)

    We've had reservations made for Sept '10 since last year. Found we will have to cancel.....our daughter/s-i-l are making us grandparents again! She is due Sept 24 and our youngest daughter is getting married Oct 23. Our fall has filled up quickly! Still trying to figure out our next trip. Might have to wait til after the xmas holidays. Oh well, we WILL get there......

    Hope you & Kevin have a great summer. Still planning on Sept 2011?

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    lucy i tried to warn you vacation + beach <> clothes!!
    vacation + beach + clothes == yuk lol...

    if you were jonesing how did kevin handle being clothed all the time ?
    glad you had a blast even with the clothes thing have a great summer

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    luvnrumpunch, Have you asked your friends to go with you back to Couples?
    TOO MANY KIDS and TOO MANY CLOTHES!!!.... TOO FUNNY!!! and sooo true.

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    Well, our friends have bought into the whole timeshare deal, so probably won't get them to CN, but that's OK..
    Cubby - congrats!! Grandkids are the best! and yes we are still planning on Sept 11.
    Desire - Kevin didn't do so well with the clothing issue!! But he found some Cuban Rum and some Cuban Cigars so he was a happy boy in that aspect!
    The Time Share Sales Boy had at least the decency to look a little stunned when told him I didn't really care for the place because of the kids and clothes!! He got ticked off when we said NO, but we did get a bottle of tequila out of the deal!!

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    Your post made me laugh out loud! We too, did PV at an AI 2 months after CSS in 08 with our daughter, while I did enjoy PV, it is beautiful with the mountains and the cobblestone streets in town, etc, we kept comparing everything to Couples. Our daughter was sick of hearing it! I just wish Couples would branch out of JA, I really want to see more of this world.

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