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    Default Passionate Love Level

    ...Apparently, we have racked up enough romance rewards to get ourselves into the passionate rewards addition to the perks we have received with RR points as twice repeaters (have done 3 trips), we now are entitled to $75 gift shop credit, room upgrade(if available,no biggie to us)..and, a $100 check upon departure...Has anyone received this? and, is there a "best" way to go about seeing to it? ...also, I assume this will be in addition to the booking special we got for $350 spa/$150 gift shop credit....anyone that can chime in on this, we appreciate it..........CN soon come

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    In January we got all the Passionate level rewards at both CTI and CSS and the $500 resort credits. Make sure you pre-register on the Romance Rewards page and remind guest services that you are at the passionate level when you get to the resort. At CTI we asked about the $100 departure check at guest services and it was already made out in our name. At CSS the check was under our door a couple of days before our departure. No worries. Guest services will take care of you if you have any questions.

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    We've been at the Passionate Love level our last 2 trips to Couples. Both at CSS and CSA, they had the $100 check prepared a few days in advance of our departure. At CSA last month, they called our room to let us know that the check was ready and that we could pick it up at the concierge desk. This year at CSA, we used not only the $350 spa credit, the $150 gift shop credit, but the $75 Passionate Love level credit. We bought a lot of coffee, candles, t-shirts, soaps, hot sauce, and CDs at the gift shop. It was a wonderful treat.

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    Do people actually get upgrades with passionate level? Subject to availability is a bit of a get out? Maybe their should be an alternative???

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    Thank you both for your postings. I too was wondering how all this works.
    You've been a big help and YEA!! we get to go back to Couples!

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    When we return to couples in January 2011 we will aslo be at Passionate level...we are splitting our time between CN and CSS, 7 days at CN and 5 at CSS...are we still eligible for the $100 at CN? The way it was worded it sounded like if you split your trip you had to do 7 at each resort.

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    We have received our upgrades three times now due to our passiate level, BUT not automatically, first two times we had to ask, This last time I had to ask a little more forcefully, but it was granted.

    All it all, I really do not see it as a big deal.

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    hillystyles: you will receive the check for CN (7 nights) but not for the 5 nights at CSS

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    I was a bit disappointed after our last trip to CSA in Nov/Dec (our 4th trip to a Couples) - we didn't realized that they didn't give us the $100 upon checkout, and when I emailed the hotel after we got home, asking if they could mail it to us, I never received a reply.

    We had previously received the check before we left the resort, so I guess it's something you should try to remember while you are there!


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    Hello Sun_lover, please email from the Romance Rewards Contact us link, on the romance rewards site. I would be happy to assist you!
    Romance Rewards and Preferred Agency Program
    Couples Resorts!

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    Thanks Seandymon,
    I have just sent a request!


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