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    Default A shout out to Yvonne

    The 45 day mark was fast approaching. We had to do some pretty fancy stepping to take from one account and put in another. We've all been there. After all the wrangling to set things right, it went wrong. When they tried to post the final payment, it was declined. That's when we got a call from Yvonne F. in reservations. She was pleasant, patient and considerate. After we explained what we would do in order for the payment to go through, she said she would wait a day or two and then submit it. It was still declined. Now we are getting just a little bit upset. Again we make arrangements with our bank, tell Yvonne the story, and hope for the best.
    It fell just a bit short of the "best". But there was progress.
    Yvonne submitted a portion of the bill and it went through. So we spoke again. She agreed to try to submit a lesser amount each day until the bill was paid.
    In the end, after much who-ha-ha, we received an e-mail confirming our bill paid in full.
    Throughout this whole process, Yvonne was always smiling. I could hear it in her voice. Soft, kind Jamaican voice. Reassuring me that it was "no problem". She handled it all with grace and that special something that makes it Couples.
    Thank you again Yvonne, for all the time and energy you spent in order to get a solution.


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    She helped me too when we were reserving a room for our honeymoon and adjusted the price for us when it was cheaper online than over the phone. She also helped us move whole trip back a day because of problems with our flight. She was great!
    Our final payment was also declined! We got a call from our cc company saying they thought it was fraud so they locked our card and declined that charge. Thankfully it did go through the next day. She was very helpful and patient.

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