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    Default Our Wedding at CSS... Feb,23, 2010

    What a perfect day and the perfect place to get merried is CSS. Here are some of our photos...
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    I don't see any pics here?? Can you please post? Do you have advice on what resort to choose from? We booked CTI but now, I'm thinking I want to change to CSA??

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    hi there

    we went to CSS and got merried there and we can't wait to go back there . it is the thing we every did was to go to CSS we had all kinds of fun and we loved it as well. here is my facebook name and you can look at the picture on there . Vickie Lynn Boughner. just add me as a friend.

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    Hi Vickie
    I've tried to find you on Facebook but nothing comes up
    Are you able to post a link to the album?
    I'm getting married at CSS on the 8th November so I would love to see your photo's.

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