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    First timers in 2 weeks and SOOOO ready!

    Can anyone tell me what the room keys are like? Is it a metal key, or a key card, or do they have the wrist bands so you do not have to carry a key or key card?

    Wondering if I must go through tubs in the garage to pull out our waterproof box.

    Thanks much!

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    As of last year, key cards at SweptAway; personally, I preferred the metal keys, because then you could open the verandah doors in the Atriums. Now, you've got to go to the door on the other end of the building. This May, I'm going to ask at checkin, though, if a metal key is available.

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    All the resorts have key cards.
    Irie Mon

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    At CN it is a metal key at both CTI & CSS key cards.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    With the key cards at CSA, are they okay if they get wet in the pockets of my fiance's swim trunks?

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    CTI and CSS have key cards. We would put them in a little baggie in our beach bag. As of this past December CN still had keys.

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    metal keys with wrist band at cn

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    We were at CN end of January...metal key with a thing for your wrist. Perfect! We also went to CTI and they had the key cards. Hated it! I like not having to find a place for my darn key...and I never have to dig thru my pocket or purse at the end of the nigh.

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    We always took a beach bag with us, with lotion, visors, books, and card keys. No one every bothered any of it.

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    Ok, thanks for the replies. I will look for our waterproof box now

    Thanks again!

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    Can you get in and out of the front porch in the beachfront suite at CSA with this key? I have never stayed in that room so maybe that is the only door. We stayed in an atrium room before so I'm not sure if the layout is exactly the same or not.

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