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    Default CTI in 2 weeks - beach?


    My husband and I stayed at Couples Negril in April 2005 for our honeymoon and LOVED it.

    We are going to Couples Tower Isle 3/25 - 3/29 for our 5th anniversary, and I'm getting a little scared.

    I've been reading about the beach at CTI, and I seem to be reading conflicting accounts of what the beach is like.

    Can anyone who has been there recently tell me a little about the beach? Is it completely erroded as I was told by 1 person? Are water activities cancelled almost every day due to red flags? Sorry, I'm just freaking out a little bit!

    As a side question, does CTI have jet skis like CN does (or did in 2005?)

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    In November, the beach at CTI was fine, but I read that things have changed since then so I can't give you any comforting news on that front, however, I can tell you that if you are willing to give the au natural island a try, you'll forget all about problems on the sandy textile beach. My fiance and I tried the island on our first full day there and we went back every single afternoon. We never set foot on the sandy beach again, other than to walk through the surf to get to the dive boat.

    No Jet skis there in November that I saw. I think they tend to stick to the large shared beaches like in Negril, San Souci and CTI both have private beaches, no vendors at all.

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