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    Default Scuba CSS vs CTI

    Which is better for scuba or snorkeling?

    Do both resorts end up taking you to the same place?

    Do you train in the morning in the pool, then go out in the afternoon?

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    1 - Scuba is always better than snorkeling as you are exposed to many more fish at the lower levels than on the surface.

    2 - Yes

    3 - If you are already certified you don't 'train', but can go out twice a day. If you are taking the resort course I think you go through the resort course and dive in the morning.
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    I would say the staff, boat and the whole thing is much better at CTI. But that's just my opinion. Which ever you choose you will have a good time.

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    My dive buddy Prez_Steve dove as CSS last year. He said that the locations were the same, and that he missed the staff from CTI.

    With that said, no matter where you go, the dives will be good, and the staff excellent.

    As far as the resort course, mornings you train in the pool, and go out for a shallow dive in the afternoon. They try to make sure everyone has an opportunity to try it during their stay, so if they are busy, you may not be able to go in the afternoon, but in my experience, that rarely happens.

    If you are certified, and are there with a partner who is not, but wants to go through the resort course, they typically let you go out with them in the afternoon, at least that has been my experience.

    If you go, say hello to the friendly barracuda, he will be the one with the toothy grin.
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