Hello Everyone,

Me and my husband just left CN yesterday and arrive to Savannah and someone went through our suitcases and stoled our camera with all our pictures in the sim card, I'm so upset and can't stop crying. Can you please find it in your heart to share some pictures of CN? Our email is Mgrimes at oldfieldsc dot com. I can't beleive they stole our jewerly, gifts and camera out of our bags. I know I can never replace the pictures but at least we will have some pictures to put in our photo album we bought at the gift shop. Thanks so much for your help this was the first time we been to CN and me and my husband reconnect like I never thought possible. Are pictures together were Amazing, I don't remember us ever smiling so big as we did at CN. We also had a ton of pictures of staff members so if anyone has some of those we would be forever grateful for those as well. I can't stop crying..... I took over 2000 pictures and now have none.
Thank you so much, Curtis and Millie Grimes from Savannah Ga