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    I uploaded photos to my albums on Tuesday but they are still in moderation. Will we be able to use this feature? It's a great way to share our experiences with others.

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    Have your pictures showed up yet? I was wondering the same question. I can't see anyone's pics. And when I look on my profile, it shows my album names but does not show my pics yet. I hope we can use this function. I thought Randymon said we could. But I don't understand why the pics aren't showing up yet. Some people like you added their pics last week and they're still not up yet. Hope they're up soon. Looking at all the pics of Jamaica and Couples keeps me a little happy 'til my fiance and I get back to get married @ Sans Souci next year.

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    Ours have been in moderation since turn up of the new board. Although I can see them, I'm not sure if anyone else can.
    For the record it seems that the board does some resizing to pics automatically. Our pics were uploaded at 600x400 (well under the max 650x650) and web optimized prior, but after resizing by the board's algorithm they look lousy.


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    The only drawback on the photo albums is the last picture posted is the first shown. You currently have no ability to rearrange them.

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    Hey Guys,

    I am looking into the albums not showing up problem.

    According to IT you can set which picture shows up on the album and rearrange them. Instructions to soon come.
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    I post on a another forum ith this set-up and we can't rearrange the pictures. I assumed it was a vBulletin issue. Like everyone else, I can see my pictures, but it says that 0 are in the album.

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    Yeah! My pics are up. I hope that we will eventually be able to change our album covers b/c I do not like mine at all. As of right now I cannot figure out how to change the cover photo so I guess we are not able yet. Anyone able to do this or know how to do this?
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