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    Default CN vs Swept Away

    Hello all. Have been to Couples Negril about 5 years ago. Absolutely loved it. Going to Swept Away in May. Has anyone been to both? Do you prefer one over the other...just wondering opinions. Also, I know Negril has a separate section with a Nude beach, but CSA doesn't. That is absolutely fine, but does anyone still go topless on the CSA beach....can't wait to go back....soooo excited! I hope its even better then the last time, but that is hard to imagine!

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    We were @ CN twice and CSA three times (also going back for the 2nd time to CSS in two weeks.) You will absolutely love CSA. I think it is still my fav. Love the decor, the size, the complex across the road, the staff, the fabulous beach and clear water, Ultimate Chocolate, the martini bar, the Thai restaurant Lemongrass, the little library, the cello and guitar @ breakfast etc. OMG I miss it so much!!!

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    We went to CSA in 2006. Absolutely loved it. We tried CN in 2009. Absolutely loved it. I thought I was going to be disappointed with CN, but it was not true. I love it for slightly different reasons, but both are fantastic resorts. You will love CSA for its own reasons too.
    As far as topless at CSA, yes, we had seen several women topless while laying out. No worries, mon!
    Don't forget to sign up for Romance Rewards, if you haven't already done so. That way, you can visit your beloved CN for an afternoon. Have a wonderful trip!

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    My husband and I were at CN about 6 or 7 years ago. Loved it! Was probably our best Adult-AI vacation at that point. About 6 months later we were on vacation with our family at a Family-AI resort just down the beach (note: the word beach was used for a reason) from CSA. Had a terrible time at this Family-AI resort so my husband and I spent as much time off that propetry as possible. That's when we found CSA and we were smitten by it's lush beauty and friendly staff. For our next Adult-AI we tried CSA and fell in love with the place. We've been going back to CSA every year since then. Both CN and CSA are amazing resorts. You can't go wrong which ever one you choose. I'm sure you will love it.

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    I have been a huge fan of CSA since they opened and have enjoyed every stay. Last week we had the chance to visit CN for one night and we fell in love! My husband loved the size of the resort and the gourmet restauarant was outstanding!

    I liked the wifi in the rooms and he likes having a TV to watch - we book atrium at CSA.

    The beach is different but equally beautiful. Fitness facilities were nice as well.

    We had booked CSA for May but are now seriously considering a switch to CN.

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