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    Hi there, I was reading a review of CTI somewhere that said that you can't get bottled water there? Seems strange. We could at CSA last two summers. I like to have a bottle of water beside my bed or whatever. Anyone been to CTI recently or there that can comment? Thanks.

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    In an effort to be more "green", CTI has done away with the plastic "Likkle Wata" bottles. Now they've installed water filtration dispensers, and you get a Couples water bottle to refill and keep. So you can still have water at your bedside.

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    When you get to your room, there will be two very nice water bottles to fill. You can fill them at various water fountains or at the bars. I usually fill mine at the pool grill as I can get ice there also. But the bar will give you ice and water. No worries! Oh as for having it through the night, I put a wash cloth under the bottle as it sweats and makes a puddle.

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    We haven't been to CTI yet (is it November), but I understand that they now supply filtered water and give you your own bottle to keep. Water is just as good, you get a keepsake and it's better for the environment.
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    Not true. They have brand new water filtration stations and they give all the guests water bottles they can refill at the stations. Really all that isn't even needed. Jamaica has some of the best tap water I've ever tasted and I drink it every trip.
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