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    Default Where are all the August People???

    [/B]My husband and I will be at CTI Aug 7-15th. Can't wait to get back home. We live in Texas and are both 25. Anyone else going around this time?

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    Default re:Where are all the August People???

    man we are just going to miss you by a wife and another couple will be there from 8/22-8/29 we are all in our late 20's it would be great to meet some people our again this time there

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    My fiance and I are getting married Aug 21, 10 and are looking into honeymoon locations, were going to be going 8/22-8/29

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    My fiance and I are getting married Aug 21, 2010, and are looking for a resort that has great reviews. Our dates are 8/22-8/29

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    We will be there 8/21-8/28. Either the August people are shy of the message board, or we are going to have the resort to ourselves! LOL

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    We are going Aug.15th-22nd

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    Man my fiance and I are planning our honeymoon for CTI for Aug 16th-23rd. Anyone else going to be down there during this week?

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    My fiance and I will be there August 16-23. We will be spending our honeymoon there.

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    My fiancé and I will be at CTI for our honeymoon Aug 1-7! Can't wait,

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    August over here! 18-23. My husband, in his 30s and im in my 20s. :-)

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    August here representing Dallas, at Couples Aug. 22-26th. My wife and I are both in our mid 30's (me-35m she-36). It will be great to meet other couples here to hang out.

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    Donna and Curtis will be there 8/5 - 8/12 36 days till we get home.

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    Getting married July 31st and will be at CTI Aug. 1 thru Aug 8th. I'm 25 and my fiance is 23. Originally from KY but live in Charlotte, NC now. First time out of the country, first time at an all-inclusive, and if I can talk the future wifey into it first time going AN. We are very excited!!

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    Default August 15th-21st

    My fiance and I are getting married the 14th and heading out there on Sunday the 15th for our Honeymoon. I already see there will be a few couples out there our age, we are both 26! It would be great to meet up with some people our age and do the Falls excursion or something... feel free to connect if you have an interest!

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    I am so excited only 46 more days and I get to marry the man I love on a beautiful beach

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    Default Aug 6-20

    We will be there and can't wait!!! A month from today - at this time we will be waiting to board our plane for 'home' - we can't get there soon enough.

    Marty and Joanne

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    We will be there the Aug 24-28. We are getting married on the 21st too! We are in our early 30s and are from St. Louis!

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    17 days to our Virgin trip to CTI and the Island, getting married on the 9th. be there the 5th - 12th, not getting here fast enough.becoming addicted to this MB
    James and Lizzie

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    We will be there the 15th-21st, and getting married on 08/18! We are both 27~ We are getting super excited!

    Stephanie and Mark
    Memphis, TN

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    We will be there from the 17th to the 22nd!! Soo excited <3 My husband and I are 32 and 27 and could not be more ready for this vacation to start! Looking forward to having fun and making friends xox

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    Were getting so excited only 27 days till we arrive.Anyone else feel like their gonna jump out of their skin with anticipation?Anybody else going to brave the nude island?Fluffy or not I'm in like

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    We will be there Aug 13-18....Brian and Laura and in our early 30's from STL

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    Txbikercouple, we are getting married on th 9th also. Also our virgin trip. We can't wait!

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    serinity, We will be there Aug 22-27. First timers. Cant wait to get to that Island!! diane

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    We are first timers as well. This week is going sooooo slow! See you this weekend!
    Bonnie & Jon

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