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    Default Knitting Needles on Airplane

    We are flying Delta to Jamaica in a few weeks. Does anyone know if I can bring knitting needles on the airplane? I have looked at their site and could not find any information. Thanks!

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    You can find information on prohibited and allowable items on the Transportation Security Administration's web site:

    As far as knitting needles are concerned, below is the text from the TSA web site:

    "Knitting needles are permitted in your carry-on baggage or checked baggage.

    "Items needed to pursue a Needlepoint project are permitted in your carry-on baggage or checked baggage with the exception of circular thread cutters or any cutter with a blade contained inside which cannot go through the checkpoint and must go in your checked baggage."
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    I don't see why not. I bought my crochet needles and did crochet 2 years ago and was not a problem. I believe a friend of mine brought her knitting recently without a problem.

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    Here is the link from the TSA site:

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    Default I think you can


    I'm pretty sure you can take knitting needles on Delta. They're no longer worried that you'll knit an Afgan....

    But, check the TSA website for sure. I think it's


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    Beergirl... funny!

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    Default Thanks!

    Thanks for your replies. I hadn't even thought of the TSA website.

    Beergirl - I was laughing so hard at your comment, I had tears streaming down my face! How do you explain that to a four-year-old!!

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    As a Brit I am totally amazed that the most security concious country in the world would allow knitting needles on a plane! What?!! Knitting needles are a) sharp and b) long. Much like a traditional kebab skewer. I am happy that knitters of the world are allowed to knit on a US plane but (in my opinion) it seems bizarre that the USA would sanction it. I'm pretty certain that these would be confiscated in UK airports. As you were ladies and gentlemen. Fill yer bootees.

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    I'm with you Murtle, What? Yesterday I heard they are now allowing small knives with a blade no longer than 2.5 inches. For real! Go figure.

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    Murtle, just an update. I just heard on CNN, that you can also bring onboard, 2 golf clubs, small baseball bats [not full size], and ski poles. I guess the clubs so you can practice chipping and maybe puting during flight. Too bad there is no sand onboard, that's one of the weak points of my game! Are you kidding me?

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    Must agree with Murtle - and confirm that UK airlines/airports prohibit any sharp or pointed items from hand luggage and these would be confiscated by security when they x-ray your hand luggage. All such items must be carried in hold luggage. Like Murtle I too am amazed that the USA woulld alllow knitting needles in airplane hand luggage, you learn something every day - just don't try to return from the UK with them!!

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    Thanks for the clarification BarDar! Mwahahahaha!! I just don't get the concept of an American customs/security official allowing knitting needles through to anywhere other than the hold of the plane.

    Apologies to my American cousins, family and many, many friends but my experience of USA officialdom at airports is that they are a tad too aggressive and on occasions a simple smile and a 'thank you', or even 'welcome' would be good. We are not all terrorists and we shouldn't be assumed to be terrorists before we board or after we land, unless we are carrying a knife over 2.5" long (hopefully the holder of such a weapon - because a weapon it is - has no idea how deep the carotid artery is!) or, perhaps, knitting needles! What happens if a middle eastern octogenarian carries knitting needles in her/his hand luggage? I go with the likelihood that she/he loves to knit!

    I love America and have worked there twice but it does seem amazing this change of heart as to what constitutes a dangerous item.

    As you were all.

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