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    Good Morning to all,
    I will be visiting Tower Isle 8/09/2009-8/13/2009. I am bringing my better half down for her Birthday and was wondering if anyone has done the private dinner on the beach? If so, I would greatly appreciate any information you can provide. Thank you in advance!

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    I did a surprise private dinner for my wife on our visit to CN in April. It was wonderful. Shari Gordon did an incredible job arranging everything with Tadean at CN. They even managing a couple of last minute changes on my part and the whole thing came off smoothly with no hint of any goings on to tip off my wife.. Email the romance concierge. They will take care of everything!

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    You will LOVE CTI!! In fact, it was at CTI that I surprised my husband with a private dinner. It was amazing!

    I had contacted the resort prior to arriving, but it didn't matter because they don't actually schedule it until you arrive. Since mine was a surprise, I would meet with the guest services staff when my husband went on his morning dives. Not only did they do an awesome job keeping it a secret from him (they never called our room about it or asked about it in front of him), they also helped me in the actual surprise.

    On the night of the dinner, I had told my husband that we were eating at The Verandah (one of the nice restaurants, but without reservations) but that we were meeting some people in the piano bar first for a pre-dinner cocktail. While he ordered drinks at the bar, I told him I was going to the restroom and would be right back. But secretly, I snuck over to the guest relations desk and handed them a handwritten note that they were to deliver to Steve in the bar while I snuck down to the beach. It worked flawlessly and we had an amazing dinner! Just one piece of advice, don't do it on your first night there. You'll be too tired to really enjoy it.

    At the table, we each had a menu that was rolled up and tied with string. When we opened it, it had our names at the top, with the date and had hearts all over it. The perfect souvenir for framing. Here's what our meal was:

    Appetizer: scallop ceviche served with papaya vinaigrette
    Soup: Jamaican pumpkin soup enchanted with aged rum
    Salad: exotic lettuce accompanied with herbed goat cheese and lychees honeyed vinaigrette
    Entree: petit filet mignon accompanied with sambucca flavored tiger prawns dijonaise and cognac sauces
    Dessert: east meets west chocolate desire

    Typically, the menu is filet and lobster, but we were there in April when lobster is out of season (it's out of season April-June). Also, in the days prior, I had previewed the menu just to confirm that we were okay with it and had no food allergies or anything. We also had our own server, who got us anything we wanted from the bar and made sure our wine glasses were never empty.

    Hope this helps!

    Here are some pictures too:
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