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    Default voltage at CTI??

    Hi My fellow couples lovers,

    Does anyone know if the voltage at CTI is between 110-230 volts? I know, will be on vacation but I do want to get all prettied up for my man. LOL

    Thanks! counting down!!

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    It is the same as the states

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    110 volts, 50 hz.

    They use the same plugs as in the U.S.

    The only difference you may notice is your curling (or straightening) iron may not get quite as hot, or you hair dryer may not blow quite as hard or hot.

    Have fun!

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    They have 110 volt but I have yet to see a 220 volt hair dryer!

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    It's standard american outlets. If your from europe you would have a problem but if your from this side of the globe you'll be fine.

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    Thank you!!! can't wait!!!!!

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