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Thread: AJ out of JFK??

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    We are flying out AJ from JFK June 13, 2010 at 6:00am. I am a little concerned about the switch from AJ to Caribbean. From what I read though on the AJ site, it should be worries. my biggest concern i guess is the crowds and i heard there are many delays, especially with 1 runway closed for construction. Any experiences or thoughts?? We already plan to get there very early. What does Terminal 4 look like? How is security there? is it long lines and just utter chaos? I'm hoping that the time we are leaving will help us avoid the mass confusion and chaos.

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    We have flown AJ out of JFK for the past 4 years. (since they stopped service out of Newark). So far, no problems. With such an early flight the security lines are not as long as later in the day and we alway have taken off on time. Hopefully the transition to Caribbean will be smooth and by the time we go in November all the kinks will be worked out. Be sure to post how it went when you return. Have a great tim.

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    Jennie, we too have flown AJ from JFk for the last 5 of 6 years (once with AA)and we are booked with AJ for our Dec.trip. We actually belong to the 7th Heaven AJ club and when we went in Dec the plane was booked solid (actually overbooked) they bumped us up to first class. The best info I can tell you is to check in on line and print your boarding pass before hand and when you get to the airport go to the first line, which says Web Check In. They will check your passports and boarding pass and weigh your bags then you take the bags back and go to the end and they take them from you there. Go right downstairs and get a bite to eat till time to board. The security is downstairs and it moved very quickly. Terminal 4 is the old International arrival building that they competely redid a few years ago. With the flight leaving at 6am it shouldn't be busy there at all. When we used to leave at 7:55 it moved very quickly. Have a wonderful time and a safe flight.

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