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    Default Romance Rewards Login Problems?

    Is anyone else having problems logging into their Romance Rewards?

    I am trying to book my Spa Reservations for my upcoming CTI trip and it tells me that my information is not in the system. I go to the RR link on the main page and it does not recognize me either.

    Has there been a recent problem linking our new MB logins with the RR database?

    Nobody else is having this problem?????
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    Chris & Jaclyn
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    I have been having problems logging into the spa reservations system as well.

    I have no problem getting in to Romance Rewards but am having trouble with the spa reservations system recognizing me.

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    I keep getting this message

    The system is temporarily unavailable, please try again later. CRMWebSvc-IsUtilityRunning: CRMWebSvc-InitCRMPath:RDPWinCore-SQLFunctions:ConnectToServer:System.Exception: Exceed max number of pools. at DDInt.Common.CommonPoolManager.getMatchedPool(Comm onConnectionImpl con) at DDInt.Common.CommonPoolManager.getPooledSession(Co mmonConnectionImpl con) at DDInt.Common.CommonConnectionImpl.getPooledConnect ion() at DDInt.Common.CommonConnectionImpl.Open() at Pervasive.Data.SqlClient.PsqlConnection.Open() at RDPWinCore.SQLFunctions.ConnectToServer(String DSNName, String ServerName, Boolean CheckFilesOnly, Boolean bConnectionPoolingOff)

    Hopefully a moderator can comment on when it will be back up. I am in fear that my Romance Rewards account has been lost/deactivated/purged/sent out to pasture...etc etc....



    Chris & Jaclyn
    Dare to DREAM

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    I am in Jamaica, so my guess is that it is down right now. Do not worry, we can set it back up for you if it is gone. We just will need your name, resorts and month/year you stayed at them, and we will give you the appropriate points. No worries mon.
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    I too am getting the error message. Question: This is our first trip to Couples, but hopefully not last. Can we sign up for the Romance Rewards and be eligible to do a day swap with CTI from CSS during this first trip (we will be there for six days)?

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    Thank you Seandymon,

    Sorry for the late reply, I have been super busy with getting last minute things done so I can come home next week.

    I tried this morning and everything seems to be working just fine. I went ahead and pre-checked in and will check that via phone the day before we leave.

    How long you going to be there? And which resort are you at. Would be good to meet you (if still there when we get there) CTI 7-24 through 7-31.

    Chris & Jaclyn
    Dare to DREAM

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