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    Default I'm reading bad things about SSB......

    I have been reading the many really good reports that are available on the Trip Advisor website about CSS. We are really looking forward to our holiday in April. One thing though that isn't so good is the reports of all the boats and fishermen and jetskis and just 'sightseers' coming over to the au naturel beach to gawk at the sunbathers. What is the real story?

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    The beach is very large. The pool is set way back from the shoreline. Occasionally, fishermen in boats oar by the waterline. Unless you are in the water they don't bother you. One "fishermen" was just trying to sell ganja. He left right away. Security is vigilant and will chase off any lurkers. Never saw a jet ski or "gawkers". Some folks across the White River venture to the river, but again are far from the beach area and pool. No worries, no view mon.


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    We were at CSS in February and spent a good deal of time at SSB. To be fair, I would completely take the fishermen out of your concerns. Each morning, several boats will start their day by coming through the bay and across the beachfront of SSB to access the White River. These men go up into the river to make their living, and they are not gawkers. In fact, true an funny story. One day, a fishing boat became stuck on the sand bar and a CSS-SSB guest ran to the rescue to help him get on his way...a sight to see.

    We only witnessed a couple of jet skis and they came down the river, into the bay, turned around and flew back up the river.

    On the first weekend, there were some guests from the adjacent property wandering over that had children. But in fairness, that property comes all the way over and is directly across the river, and they were playing in the strong current where it hits the sand bar.

    The only thing I believe irritated the SSB guests while we were there was the glass bottom boat from the nearby "S" resort that managed three...THREE...trips by in an hour one afternoon. SSB viewing must be an excursion they offer, glad we chose Couples.

    SSB has a lot of depth though, and we chose to hang out at the pool on the day that the "S" boat kept coming by and the adjacent guests were playing in the current. The pool area is very much obstructed from the view of those in the water.

    I hope that helps, but just go and do not let others keep you from appreciating SSB. It is a very peaceful and beautiful place.

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    Dear L&S... Continue to look forward to your holiday! First of all, unless you want complete solitude, Sunset Beach is the most relaxing place you could ever go "au-natural".

    Yes, there are boats passing by. For the most part, they are Jamaican fishermen, coming out of, and into, the White River to pursue their livelihood. They pay little, to no attention to those "crazy tourists" in the buff. Their "long-boats" are often beautiful. The cool, shallow flowing river, and the fishing boats, make SSB a fascinating beach environment. Out from the beach there is an occasional jet ski, the excursion boat from S, the Couples ski boarding boat and a snorkeler or two, now and then. These non-intruders have the right to be where they are, and unless a beach-goer is way uptight about someone seeing them sans-clothing, from a long distance away, then no worries, mon! Peaceful co-existence!

    I personally think all this makes SSB a more wonderful place. I hope it never changes. Life's unexpected moments are often the most precious.

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    We were there in early March and found the boats from the neighboring resort a tad annoying, as they pass very close to the beach, not a problem if you are at the pool which is a little more "inland", but a small issue if you are either in the water or lounging very close to the water on the beach. An embarassing moment occured when a boat carrying two young children got stranded for around 20 minutes in the sandbar right right in front of SSB, not more than 10-15 feet from the beach (due to the river, the little band of water between the beach and the sandbar has a lot of current and looks hard to navigate). But this is a very little annoyance when looked at from the perspective of all the good things CSS and SSB have to offer.

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    We spent a week there in December and really were not bothered by any of it. The beach is so deep if you don't want people to have the opportunity to see you I am sure you can find a hiding spot behind a tree.
    ... it keepsh me shane

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    While I recall seeing the boat from S, it certainly wasn't an issue on any of our visits. We spend most of our time by the pool which is a good distance from the ocean. As most of the other posters have suggested,I wouldn't let this bother you at all. Come on over to SSB and enjoy!

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    If you want to be naked you can't be fussy about who sees you. Naked is naked.

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    We went to CSS sunset each in jan of 2009. It was my hubbys first experience and he loved it. The beach is very large and the river flows into the opening of the ocean. The pool and are are set way back. We occasionally saw a boat go by a little close but he was looking for business to sell his ganga. None of them gawked. Jet skiers were way out and would have needed binoculars to see us. Anyway they see it all and we figured we would never see them again so who cares?!

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