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    Default Negril Morass Fires

    I've been hearing about wildfires that are occurring in Negril as of late. From my understanding, there is a giant peat bog in the area called the Great Morass and during this time of year (the dry season) it typically catches fire. Can anyone provide any information on the fire and the effect that it is having on Negril and the Couples resorts in the area? I am traveling to CSA 2 weeks from today and am planning on visiting the town of Negril while there. Will the fires have an impact on my visit?

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    We have experienced the morass fires several times. Only one morning was it "difficult". You'll find that the peat bog DOES burn this time of year. (and into April and May) and if the wind is blowing in the right direction, it will smell a little smoky. It's nothing like the wildfires that we get here in FLA or the stuff out west. It's just a little smoke in the air. It shouldn't effect your trip into Negril at all.

    There was one morning where while I was out on the beach doing yoga, the smoke was a little heavier and I opted not to run that morning, since it was more prevalent. By 7am though, the wind had changed direction, and it was not a problem thereafter.

    Don't worry. All is irie.

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