My husband and I were at Couples Swept Away in February of this year and were and still are completely blown away at our experience in Jamaica. Just flying over the ocean and seeing how incredibly blue it was got us giddy for the island. We are from North Dakota so we knew this was going to be the trip of a lifetime.

As soon as we got on the bus to take us to Negril, we were greeted with so much kindness and hospitatility. The staff had champagne waiting for us upon arrival and Reverne(sp?)was ready with our luggage to take us to our room. He filled us in on the island ways and all we could expect from our stay. He was so kind, but that was the rule and not the exception of the resort staff. Everyone was so kind and very willing to engage in conversation and would help you in anyway possible.."Yah Mon-no problem" was the phrase we heard most often and every time we heard it we just smiled. Jason, Horace, Paula, Rose....everyone was fantastic to us!!

Now on to the's incredible!!! From the first time your toe touches the water, you know your in paradise. The wate is so warm and takes zero time to get used to it. We actually had a stingray swim right under us for awhile. It could of cared less about us, was just swimming around looking for food. We were just tickled, so AWESOME!!
The beach was gorgeous, you just pull up a chair, point it towards the ocean and soak in the view and the character of Jamaica. Our room was a beach front 2nd floor and was absolutely wonderful. We slept with the veranda doors open all night everynight just so we could hear the waves and smell the ocean air. The security was constant so we never worried about a thing(they were very friendly also!)

So thank you Couples Swept Away for giving us a experience that we will never forget. We hope to come back as soon as we can--Just hope we can see all our friends we made at the resort-they are the heart of the resort!!