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    Default Belated Honeymooners 1st trip CN

    I have been reading so many wonderful reviews about CN and the people and resort. My Husband and I are finally after all these years getting to take our long anticipated Honeymoon. I was just wondering what the weather is typically like in March and is the ocean water warm for swimming? Really any details on CN would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    You are going to LOVE this place. I think we will be there about the same time as you guys. This time it's for our honeymoon too. I can tell you that the weather in march is absolutely beautiful! It's always in the mid 80's and sunny most of the time (some afternoon showers happen but they are a nice diversion from the norm and are gone within minutes). The water temp is perfect for swimming. You guys picked the best place to come in Jamaica. CN is really the best place for relaxation and fun. The food is amazing and the atmosphere is always great for all types of people. There are some guests that usually stick to themselves but others are friendly and love sharing good times with new people. I would recommend dining at the Otehiete (I know I spelled that wrong.. sounds like OH-tah-he-tea) at least 3 times while you are there. The food is great and it's a nice romantic atmosphere. Ask the bartenders to make you something that you have never had before. The dirty bananas and hummingbirds are great. Beware of the Bob Marley is potent but needed at least once on the trip. In fact if you meet us at the bar we will "buy" you one. If you have any other questions please ask. We love this place and we know anyone who goes usually says the same. One more thing...sunscreen is a must. Don't get burned the first day there or you will have a miserable vacation waiting for it to go away. We will be there from March 25th to April 4th so if you need any more tips when you get there let us know...we'll probably be on the beach with our flag raised for another drink. See you there!

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    Thanks so much for your reply, we are counting down the days. Sunscreen Got it! LOL The only thing I am concerned about now is not wanting to leave once we get there. Thanks again Mon!

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    Not sure what you mean about 'leaving' the resort. You are not held captive until it is time for you to return home. You are free to come and go as you want. There are lots of off-site trips that you can take and you can even go into Negril and check out the local fare. There is also the West End Cliffs where people love to go and watch the sunsets. If you sign up for the Romance Rewards you can go over to CSA for a day and check out Long Bay (a portion of 7 miles beach). You can also walk up and down Blood Bay (other portion of 7 mile beach) at CN. There are also lots of included things to do at the resort such as snorkeling, diving, sailing, paddle boats, canoe, volleyball (both beach & water), and a whole slew of other things that the entertainment staff put on. If you are concerned about boredom, don't be. There is plenty to do. And there is always the relaxing of sitting on the beach and watching the waves roll in. It is amazing how sand-gravity can take hold and you find yourself just relaxing and not running hither and fro.

    So don't be concerned about wanting to leave the resort. Your only challenge will be when the 'good bye' bus comes to pick you up you won't want to leave.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Bring kleenex for that final day at the resort. For some reason you always get sand in your eyes as you are about to board the goodbye bus and leave the resort.

    You're not just in for a great vacation! You're in for an experience of a lifetime as you find that piece of Heaven you have been searching for.

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    Thanks yes the Goodbye bus is what I was refferreing too I already can't stand the thought of leaving and I have not even arrived yet - Only 8 more working days and 2 weekends left. I took out weekends when I first started counting to make the waiting time look shorter.LOL My husband and I were thinking of trying Snorkling he is adventurous I am more reserved. we may try the AN also - See everyone there!

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    The dreaded departure day!!!

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